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Even the Rain Trailer: Gael García Bernal Asks Big Questions

I know it's Monday, so your brain may not be fully functioning yet, but here's some heavy material for it to digest. In this newly released trailer for the Spanish film Even the Rain, Gael García Bernal stars as Sebastián, a filmmaker who travels to Bolivia for his latest project: a movie which recreates the colonization of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. But while Sebastián makes his film, he begins to realize that not much has changed from Columbus's day. The local people who work as his extras are fighting the government for affordable water, and Sebastián starts to question his own exploitative way of doing business.

This is definitely a film that wants to make viewers think, and think hard. I'm already incredibly moved by the preview, which feels like a documentary in parts. Give it a look, and share your thoughts after the jump.

Katie-Sweeney Katie-Sweeney 6 years
This trailer gave me chills. My sister just moved to Bolivia! Eeeek! Are they really having a water crisis?
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
actually TheBestRedDress, liberally-slanted history books have convinced this generation that all European colonization was simply the exploitation of innocent indigenous people by overzealousnous and greed. there was much more to it than that - I won't go into it all, but there are a number of unbiased books which explain what really happened. as for this movie, I agree it looks fantastic - and I say that as a very conservative, very anti-Gael Garcia Bernal, very enlightened person who just loves (and can appreciate with a purely analutical view) good movies, whether or not I agree with their agenda...
TheBestRedDress TheBestRedDress 6 years
Something worth watching. And it wasn't colonization, it was mass slaughter. i.e. Genocide So tired of the word "colonization", let's call a spade a spade.
Allie-Merriam Allie-Merriam 6 years
This looks pretty heavy, but awesome — and I'd see anything with Gael!
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