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Exclusive Buzz Interview: Clive Owen Dishes About His Latest Movie!

I had the good fortune of interviewing Clive Owen on the red carpet at the Mill Valley Film Festival last Friday, where he was being honored with the award for excellence in cinema. I know what you're thinking, so let me start by saying that yes, the man is just as good looking in person. (Swoon).

But you know, I'm a professional, so I put away my schoolgirl giddiness and got down to the nitty-gritty of his current film, The Boys Are Back. I reviewed the movie last week and told you what a huge departure it is for the actor, so I asked Clive to explain himself (and a few other things).

  • On why he wanted to do such a sweet and sensitive film: It was a beautifully written script, really lovely script, very touching, very moving. It was a subject I hadn't really explored before in films. You know, parenting is a very big part of my life — I have two girls — but I've always considered it separate from making movies. I make movies and then I go home and I'm a dad. It was a script that beautifully explored parenting.

To see what else Clive had to say about his parenting style and what's next, just


  • On if his parenting style is the same as his character's: [The character has] a very radical way of parenting. It never gets that bad with me, but it's based on a real memoir. [Author] Simon Carr, I think at the time he felt that he needed a radical approach, because him and his young six-year-old boy had just lost his mother, and it was kind of a reaction to that. It was like a drastic bonding exercise in a way, and he still says today that however irresponsible some of the parenting might have looked, the kid had some of the most joyful times of his life during that period.
  • On the challenges of working with kids for a change: The young Nicholas who is only six is a huge part of the film, and he's really good in the film. When you're working with a kid at that age, you can't be too prepared, because they're so immediate and raw and natural, you've got to go with them really.
  • On what's up for him next: I'm not 100% sure. There are a few things floating around, but I haven't confirmed anything really!

Come on, Clive, nothing lined up yet?! Please come back to the big screen soon!

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