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Exclusive Interview With Will Forte and Kristen Wiig About MacGruber

Will Forte & Kristen Wiig on MacGruber and Sweaty Sex Scenes

OK, so I didn't quite love the MacGruber movie as much as I'd hoped, but that hasn't changed my opinions on the film's hilarious actors. We recently had the opportunity to chat with the funny leading stars, which means lots of talk about Ryan Phillippe's nakedness and the sex scene between Kristen Wiig and Will Forte. Here are more highlights from the junket:

  • Kristen on her favorite SNL movies: "Blues Brothers . . . That's an SNL movie right? I also really liked Superstar! There's funny stuff in all of them."
  • Will on how he'd defuse a bomb in real life: "I would take off running. I would try to talk to it nicely, 'Please, come on! Think about what you're doing!' And bombs don't usually respond to polite conversation. I am not a hero! I would be out of there."
  • Kristen on bad SNL ideas people pitch her: "My dad actually pitched a really bad one . . . It had something to do with wanting to order a hot dog in a fancy restaurant. I think that might have been the worst one! People don't usually come up with total new ideas, it's more like an idea for a character."
  • Kristen on her sex scene with Will: "Have you ever had anyone sweat on you? Like really drip sweat on you? It's not that fun. But it's Will, and as creepy as it sounds, he's kind of like my brother. So it made it not as bad, but it was a pretty sweaty day. It was pretty bad. We were on satin sheets that really don't absorb anything, they kind of just turn to paper. And we were laughing and we didn’t know what we were doing!"
  • Will on his sex scene with Kristen: "I felt bad for Kristen on that day that we did it because it was very hot in Albuquerque and this was a bedroom on the second floor of this house, and already I was sweating just walking to the bed and she was so covered in sweat by the end of this sex scene . . . I felt bad for her. Because it was her birthday, and nobody deserves that on any day."

To see what Kristen had to say about other SNL sketches as movies, and Will's most embarrassing moment on set, just


  • Kristen on other SNL sketches being made into movies: "Well any of them really, except Gilly because she doesn't really talk!"
  • Kristen on her hidden talents: "I guess I sung on the show. I draw and I paint and stuff. That's what I'll fall back on in a few years when this all ends . . . Just kidding."
  • Will on the most humiliating thing he had to do for the movie: "You could pick about 20. I had to be naked and do something with a piece of celery that my mom will be haunted by for a long time — because she was on the set."
  • Will on writing the movie: "The writing process was really fun, but really grueling because we wrote it in about four and a half, or five weeks. And two of those weeks were SNL production weeks, which are on their own insane."
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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
ok; I hate Will Forte but when did he get so hot? those blue eyes are driving me crazy...
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