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Exclusive Interview With Sex and the City 2 Star John Corbett 2010-06-07 09:30:00

Exclusive Interview: John Corbett Talks SATC3 Rumors!

Talking to actor John Corbett on the phone is like talking to Aidan Shaw himself. He's charming and laid back, and when I sat down for a chat with him recently, I couldn't help but feel a little smitten. Perhaps I'm officially Team Aidan now?

But Sex and the City 2 isn't the only project on the actor's lineup: tonight is the season finale of United States of Tara where he plays another character I love to love, Max. I asked Corbett what we can expect from the show, as well as his thoughts on SATC — the future of Carrie and Aidan, those rumors about a third film, and a possible prequel. Check it out, and note his use of the word "pepperoni."

  • So, all of the SATC ladies got to ride camels. Did you take one for a spin?
    I didn't get on a camel. You know I ride horses where I live — I have three or four horses — and I didn't get to get up on a camel, which I kind of wanted to do. I pet one, I looked at one, I talked to one, but I didn't get to get on it.
  • Did you get to spend any time with Sarah Jessica and the girls during your down time off set?
    Oh yeah, every day — that's where I went for my free lunch! They had these great amazing lunches on these sets, so I'd go watch scenes and hang out. The number one thing was the paparazzi were not out the entire time I was there. We were close to France and Madrid, and nobody got on a plane with their 3-foot long camera lenses and came to shoot the girls.

For more with John Corbett, including if we'll ever see Aidan return


  • That must have made it easier to fool fans — for the last film, we saw tons of paparazzi spoiler photos.
    I had to do a lot of lying. It escaped a little bit that maybe I was going to be in the movie — somebody ratted me out — and then I lied my way out of that, and said "No, those are all rumors, that's not true." It's funny how I talk to somebody holding a little tape recorder in their hands in Pasadena and then on the web, it would be "Corbett Denies Sex and the City 2 Rumors" in big headlines. I was like, "Really, all that from a little hand-held thing from a person in a doorway?"
  • That's just because fans were rooting for Aidan's comeback! So, because Aidan fans are dying to know — are you like your character at all?
    I'm kind of like Aidan in certain ways. I'm outdoorsy, I build stuff, I have a goofy sense of humor, I like to watch TV and eat a bucket of chicken.
  • Do you think Sex and the City 2 is the last we'll see of him?
    Yeah, I do. I don't think Aidan is going to come back, but I'm open for it. But if he comes back, I think we got to take it up to another level and have some real man-woman cheating go on. He couldn't come back and just give some more kisses, he'd have to come back and deliver some pepperoni, if you know what I mean.
  • That would be an interesting twist given what happened when Carrie cheated before...
    Yeah, cheating on me with Big when I was doing her floors, thank you.
  • And what do you think about a third film? Do you think it's a possibility?
    Look, it's a business too, and this movie will hopefully make enough money where they say, let's go make another one. I think the girls are all up for it, and they're all in good spirits, and Michael Patrick King has lots of ideas. You know, I know there have been some reviews where they haven't been the kindest reviews, but we don't make it for those guys, we make it for the fans.
  • There's also talk of a prequel with the teen version of Carrie. Do you think that would be a fun twist?
    I do, I do! As long as it, it has to stay in Michael Patrick King's hands, because he's the visionary behind the whole thing pushing it along, along with Sarah Jessica. But if they get those guys on as producers, and he directs it, and the thing will stay in the form that it should be in.
  • The season finale of United States of Tara is upon us. What can you reveal?
    It's definitely not going to be a cliffhanger, which is a smart move on their part. But I think when the show ends, the fans of the show will be anxious — put it that way — for another season. We're going to have Charmaine's wedding, and the parents are coming, and I think we're getting closer to finding out what trauma happened to Tara when she was younger.
  • Speaking of Tara and her multiple personalities — do you have a favorite that you like playing scenes with?
    I do! like Old Buck. Buck is the best, man. Toni [Collette] nails that one; she nails them all, but that one, I think, she has a little more fun with than the others. She just makes this funny little sideways mouth thing, she puts these glasses on, and one eye automatically goes to the left a little, and she gets a little hunch in her shoulders. I like Buck; I'd like to do a whole episode with Buck on a road trip or something like that.
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nylorac nylorac 7 years
i loooove john corbett (SPOILER ALERT for SATC2: don't read my next comment if you haven't seen the movie!!!) though I am very unhappy about the character assassination that satc2 had in store for his character. aidan was such a great person in the series!
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