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Exclusive Interview With Tristan Wilds From the CW's 90210

90210's Tristan Wilds Talks T.P. and Sex Tapes!

90210 recently returned from a three-month hiatus with a bang: Gia and Adrianna locked lips, Naomi bared all, and Jasper blackmailed Annie. You would think we'd expect such jaw-dropping stunts by now, but cast member Tristan Wilds (aka Dixon) says the series still surprises him. I recently asked the actor for his take on what happens on camera — and off.

  • The 90210 writers always think up outrageous storylines. What shocked you? First, it was the sex tape. That was amazing to me. Everything else was just wow, wow. Like, a constant wow factor. It was amazing to me that we actually touched on that. Usually that would be so taboo.
  • Were you surprised by the recent kiss between Adrianna and Gia? I definitely was. It seemed like we were going to go there last season, but this season, full throttle ahead and we went there. It was crazy!
  • What are some of your favorite scenes to film? I think the guys' scenes are really cool, because we all play off each other really well. We're always making jokes, it's always something, so it's really cool to play off the guys. Don't get me wrong, the girls are very cool to play off as well, but the guys, there's just a certain dynamic.
  • Is there a jokester among the boys? Yeah, I guess you can say that...[I'm] definitely cracking jokes, and playing pranks and all that good stuff, but it's all in good fun.
  • Any prank that was particularly good? Somebody — I won’t say who — T.P.'d Michael Steger [Navid]'s trailer. It was horrible. Toilet paper hanging from the ceiling and just all over the trailer.
  • Sounds like a fun family on set... We're always like family. So when I see them, I don't even call Lori "Lori," I don't call Rob "Rob," [it's] "Hi Mom," "Hi Dad."

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  • Who do you hang out with most off set? I hang out with Michael Steger (Navid) a lot off set. I hang out with Dustin Milligan (Ethan) as well from last season. Matt (Liam) every now and then. We try to plan little dinners where all of us get together, so we always stay abreast of everyone's happenings.
  • So do you get recognized more for your other big role as Michael from The Wire or as Dixon from 90210? Honestly, I get either Dixon or Michael. It's one way or the other. There would be people who I would expect to watch 90210 who call me Michael, and people who I expect to watch The Wire who call me Dixon. Like, grown men. It's weird! But I definitely appreciate any type of fan love.
  • This new episode (airing tonight) focuses on a girl fight between Ivy and Naomi. Who is your money on? I don’t know. They're both pretty strong girls. They're like exact opposites; they're like yin and yang. It's going to be a good fight. I think Ivy's a little more scrappier, but you never know.
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