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Game of Thrones
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Exclusive Video Interview With The Last Song Star Miley Cyrus as She Talks About Hannah Montana and Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth 2010-03-29 08:30:18

Miley Cyrus Talks About The Last Song, Liam, and Leaving Behind Hannah

If you've turned on your TV in the past week, chances are you've seen Miley Cyrus on her promotional tour for The Last Song. It's a huge role for the actress — her first outside of Hannah Montana. I got the chance to chat with her recently, so I asked her what it's like to finally "grow up" from the part that made her famous, along with a few questions about that cute costar and boyfriend of hers, Liam Hemsworth. She was happy to gab about the couple's first kiss (and how they sort of got set up), so check it out!

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cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
she's the most annoying to me. she annoys me more than spencer and heidi, and that's saying a lot!!
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 7 years
Can' voice! *runs away with ears muffled* I really tried, but it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
littlekaren littlekaren 7 years
Like, obviously, and... obviously, you know. [yikes.] I'm sure both girls in this interview were nervous (?) and that's why there was so much repetition of that irrelevant word.
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