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Exclusive Video With Joshua Jackson About Fringe Season 3 and Pacey-Con 2

Exclusive Video: Joshua Jackson Talks Fringe Season Three, Pacey-Con, and Sex Scenes!

I recently went on the set of Fringe in Vancouver to check out the sets, film a scene as an extra (more on that later), and chat with the show's stars. It was a fun day behind the scenes, but one of the biggest highlights was sitting down with Joshua Jackson. The actor has been a favorite of mine since Dawson's Creek (and I know many of you are fans too!), so I was excited to get some one-on-one time. Among our topics of conversation: what's in store for season three of Fringe, his favorite shows, filming sex scenes — and of course I couldn't let him leave without bringing up Pacey-Con 2. Watch!

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