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Well it's post-Labor Day September, folks, so the summertime movie season is officially over. Now we have a whole new crop of films to check out in the coming chillier months, so in preparation for that, I'm giving you little glimpses of this fall and winter's must-see movies with my Fall Movie Preview series. Today's roundup includes the season's comedies that will hopefully be less funny-awkward and more funny-ha-ha.

Be Kind Rewind
While I think Jack Black's movies can be pretty hit-or-miss, the trailer for Be Kind Rewind made me laugh out loud. This was also due to Mos Def's natural comedic charm, however, so if this film is successful when it opens December 21, it will definitely be a team win. The story follows video store employees Jerry (Black) and Mike (Mos Def) whose videos all become erased. To appease the customers, the duo shoot brief, low-budget versions of the original movies which go on to become hugely popular in the town.

More chuckles if you

Run, Fat Boy, Run
Simon Pegg is hilarious. Hank Azaria is hilarious. Michael Ian Black is hilarious. And David Schwimmer is... the guy who played Ross on "Friends." In all seriousness, this movie looks promising if only because of the bizarre collection of people who worked on it: Pegg stars in the movie (that Michael Ian Black wrote and Schwimmer directed) as a hapless dude who leaves his pregnant fiancee (Thandie Newton) at the altar. Years later when he realizes she was the love of his life, he decides to woo her away from her new man (Azaria) by running his first marathon. Check out the very funny trailer. Run, Fat Boy, Run opens October 26.

Walk Hard
This summer has trained us to regard anything Judd Apatow touches as a priceless gem, though Walk Hard, a spoof on the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, looks a little iffier than some of Apatow's more recent successes. The good thing is, Jenna Fischer stars as the June Carter-Cash-type character opposite John C. Reilly. You can make up your mind about Walk Hard if you check out the trailer. The comedy opens December 21.

The Brothers Solomon
I love me some Will Arnett, so I can't wait to see The Brothers Solomon in which Arnett stars alongside Will Forte, Kristen Wiig and — again — Jenna Fischer. The two Wills play brothers who vow to produce a grandchild for their dying father, no matter what it takes. The preview features some great moments, so check that out before The Brothers Solomon hits theaters this Friday September 7.

The Heartbreak Kid
Oh, Ben Stiller... will the dorky-cute movie characters you play ever find love? Stiller is back to doing the rom-com thing in The Heartbreak Kid which finds him gray-haired and impulsively marrying "the perfect woman" — despite hardly knowing her. While on their honeymoon, he discovers there's much more than meets the eye with his new lady, and simultaneously regrets his marital choice while meeting the real woman of his dreams. The kid starts breaking hearts October 5.

Mr. Woodcock
Admittedly, I'm not sure how great this comedy looks from the trailer, so I'm hoping it proves me wrong. Susan Sarandon plays Beverly who is about to remarry. To her son John's (Sean William Scott) dismay, however, her husband-to-be is John's former gym coach (played by Billy Bob Thornton) who made his life hell. John resolves to prevent the union at all costs. Oh, and the gym teacher's name is Mr. Woodcock. Get it? It sounds phallic. Hopefully there's more to the jokes than just that when the movie opens September 14.

Moving McAllister
The trailer for this weird little indie comedy didn't exactly make me fall down laughing, but it looks sweet and silly nonetheless. Mila Kunis, Jon Heder and Ben Gourley star in this road trip movie in which Gourley plays a straight-laced corporate guy who goes on a journey with the free-spirited Rick (Heder) and Michelle (Kunis) and learns how to loosen up. Moving McAllister hits theaters September 14.

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