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We may not be getting the crisp fall weather just yet, but we are getting previews for tons of movies opening in the fall. In preparation for this autumn and winter at the theaters, I've broken up the lengthy list of upcoming movies into many small themes for my Fall Movie Preview series. This way, you'll be in the know when the chillier months roll around, bringing a whole new crop of new films. Today's roundup features three of the sci-fi flicks we can expect to see in the coming months.

I Am Legend
In I Am Legend, Will Smith plays Robert Neville, who is "the last man alive. He busies himself with preparing for a nightly attack from the rest of the world — all of which have transformed into blood-thirsty vampires." Well, at least he has his dog. Check out the trailer for the movie before I Am Legend hits theaters December 14.

Two more other-worldly films if you

Resident Evil 3: Extinction
This third film in the Resident Evil trilogy picks up five years after the second one ended, when about 98% of the world's population was infected with the T-Virus. According to the plot description: "The movie setting takes place primarily in a now barren, deserted Las Vegas wasteland and Alice (Milla Jovovich), the movie’s main protagonist, leads the caravan of human survivors through the Nevada desert on a long trek to Alaska, where it was discovered that there are no infections. Along the way, it is determined that the heinous Umbrella Corporation is continuing its evil work and must be destroyed once and for all. Sought after by the evil underlings of the diabolical Dr. Isaacs, Alice has Undeads hungry for her flesh, and lab rats hungry for her blood — whilst Alice hungers for only one thing: revenge!" Check out Jovovich and Ali Larter in this third Resident Evil film when it opens September 21.

Alien vs. Predator Requiem (AVP2)
Okay, this image just makes me laugh (is that the laser equivalent of spitting in someone's eye?), but I know that this film is a big deal for some sci-fi fans who are really into the Alien and Predator movies and video games. This movie finds, well, Alien and Predator pitted against one another, waging "their most brutal battle yet in an unsuspecting Colorado town." The fight begins December 25.


beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
i am legend looks good but the other 2 are practically horror movies! agh - why are there MORE alien movies?
Supergrover Supergrover 10 years
I agree completely CaterpillarGirl about I am Legend and RE2. I hope RE3 is like the first one, which was great and raised hairs on my arms. RE2 was a waste of money... pretty much a crappy action movie, not at all scarey, and all anyone said was "it will be better than #1 cause it will be more like the games".. baloney! Im hoping I am Legend is good... again Will was cool in I Robot, so.. And he can be a good actor, so that will come in handy for all the quiet shots of him alone. I somehow know though that they will throw some cheezy MIB, Independance Day, one-liners when he is fighting the vamps!
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
I'm looking forward to all three. I didn't know that Ali Larter is in RE3.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
i love will smith but im probably just gonna rent that movie.
hollybeebo hollybeebo 10 years
Is I Am Legend similar to the old 70's flick "The Omega Man" with Charleston Heston or is it an entirely different thing?
jainette jainette 10 years
i would def. see this movie.i love the fresh prince.
SoftRockStar SoftRockStar 10 years
I can't wait to see I Am Legend. And lmao@ Alien v Predator pic. Horrible!
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
i can't wait for I AM LEGEND.
tat2edgirl tat2edgirl 10 years
I had the exact same worry about I am Legend. After watching I am Robot, I think Will Smith can make it work, too. The ending might be too much for the masses, we'll see how much they stray.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
I am Legend-By richard matheson is a phenomenal book and I was at first thrown off by the choice of Wil Smith to play Robert but I think he will do a good job, i am also crossing my fingers that they will stay true to the ending....and not "hollywood" it up. The second Resident Evil was zombie-poo on a stick, i heard this one harkens back to the first, i hope so.
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