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Fan Reactions To The Burlesque Trailer Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher

Community Blabber: Burlesque Trailer Earns Mixed Reactions

Welcome to the latest round of reader opinions! This week, the campy Burlesque trailer rubbed some of you the wrong way (while others are already clamoring for tickets), and as another season of The Bachelorette came to a close, suggestions for the next Bachelor came flooding in. But perhaps the most divisive subject? No surprise here, it's Twilight. Keep reading to see where your fellow entertainment enthusiasts stand.

The Burlesque trailer: awesomely bad, or just bad?

  • "It looks so campy! I can't wait. I love Christina, so I'm excited to hear the music for it." — khameel
  • "Can you say Glitter? I'm embarrassed for Kristen Bell; she is better than this and will probably be the highlight of the film." — Anonymous
  • "Ehh seems okay but I wouldn't pay to go watch in the movies." — ladylove004
  • "Should be called Showgirls 2 and I COULDN'T be more excited!" — dannysf

For more of the polarizing topics from this week, just


Who should be the next ABC Bachelor?

  • "I just think Chris is looking harder for love and really wants to find it, and with the whole mom-backstory, he's a real fan favorite and the producers have some fuel for their fire. Plus, his family was unreal cute." — skigurl
  • "I have a big crush on Craig R. He's so handsome!" — Fixe
  • "Kasey. He was my favorite. One, he was funny. To laugh at, not with, but still. Second, he was mildly attractive." — Studio16
  • "They need to shake it up. I am getting bored of the predictable cycle of a Bachelor or Bachelorette coming from a previous season..." — jultritz

Can the Twilight hype last for two more years?

  • "There will probably still be a lot of hype but most the obsession will have died down." — genesisrocks
  • "If Twihards were 12 and in middle school when the books came out in 2005, they will be 19 and in college when the final movie comes out...That's a long stretch to be into Twilight." — onlysourcherry
  • "In 2 years, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will still be hot. So, yes. I'm sure they'll do another crazy promo tour and get everyone pumped again, no sweat." — bsglrok
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