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Fan reactions to X-Men: First Class

Buzz Blabber — X-Men: First Class Lives Up to Its Title

Summer blockbuster season has officially begun, and you all were chattering about the week's number one movie, X-Men: First Class. Though some of you didn't understand what the hype was all about, the majority of you sang its praises. See what readers had to say about the film, plus some of the other hottest topics of the week!

X-Men: First Class gets top marks from fans

  • "I truly loved it. It was a lot better than I imagined it would be!" — gd101
  • "I loved the chemistry between Erik and Charles. I also really liked the introduction of new X-Men characters. I think it was so good because it was fresh. A fresh cast and fresh perspectives." — stone_soup
  • "I was so relieved at how good the movie turned out to be. I had gone in with little hopes for a successful prequel since there were new actors and the last movie (X-Men: Origins) was a total fail. Although some of the stories in the movie didn't add up with story lines in other X-Men movies (a bit annoying) it was produced and directed the way all of the X-Men series should be. If you're an X-Men fan and love action, YOU MUST GO SEE!" — poudeez

To see what readers had to say about Twilight dominating the MTV movie awards and The Bachelorette, just


Nobody is surprised at Twilight's Movie Awards domination

  • "I don't think that anyone was surprised that Twilight took home as many as they did. It's the MTV audience." — ilanac13
  • If the world needs further proof as to how frivolous popular opinion is, they need only look to the MTV Movie Awards. Seriously, in no other world would Twilight: Eclipse beat out Inception and Harry Potter in so many categories." — larisa5656
  • "The MTV Movie Awards aren't even fun to watch! It's absolutely ridiculous that the Twilight series won every award they were nominated for, and the sad thing is the movies aren't even that good they just have a bunch of teenage fans." — scubagurl7

The Bachelorette producers are mean, but Ashley's getting what she signed up for

  • "Those producers are snakes. I mean, they know her main issues and totally exploited them." — bethany0403
  • "You've got to know when you sign on to a show that anything that might attract & hold an audience goes, and audiences love conflict — if you're going to look hurt or cry, so much the better for the producer." — stephley
  • "I think that the roast may not have been the best idea but they had to do something to spice it up. To be honest, I usually tune in because The Bachelor(ette) is at least interesting to watch, but Ashley really doesn't do much to keep my attention so the roast was OK." — ilanac13
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