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Fans React to Will Ferrell's Appearance on The Office

Buzz Blabber: Will Ferrell Is No Michael Scott

Will Ferrell made his first appearance on The Office this week, but audiences didn't exactly welcome him with open arms. Buzz readers were unimpressed by the first episode, which has many of us wondering how the show will survive without Steve Carell. Check out what they had to say, plus thoughts on other news from the week!

Will Ferrell doesn't bring the funny to The Office

  • "Maybe I was just too tired last night, but I was disappointed with this episode. I love Will Ferrell, so I guess I had my hopes up too high because I really couldn't get into the show last night. I thought it was only moderately funny at best, and all I could think about at the beginning of the show was what a bad idea it is for the writers to try to replace Michael Scott with someone just like him. It feels too forced." — kimmieb124
  • "I had so many expectations, especially regarding Will Ferrell's character. It feels like the writers lost inspiration, because I don't find The Office spirit anymore. Let's hope the next episodes will make me forget this one." — shaima
  • "Too much unpleasantness: Andy humiliating himself for laughs, dissing the baby. Ferrell added nothing good." — stephley

To see what readers had to say about the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer and Superman Henry Cavill, just


The Rise of the Planet of Apes trailer exceeds expectations

  • "Wow! This was sooo spooky! This looks way better than i expected it to be..." — Lavinie
  • "I think this looks really good! Better than I expected!" — littlemunchkin
  • "This is a GREAT trailer! I don't know if the movie is going to be any good or not, but the trailer definitely makes me feel like it's going to be amazing! Much better than I expected." — rhyne589

Henry Cavill is a Superman worth swooning over

  • "I've been obsessed with him ever since I watched the pilot of The Tudors. SO SO SO gorgeous, it's unreal. I hope his Superman is a success/his big break.. " — ChelMarie
  • "I would put Henry Cavill in my basement and NEVER let him out." — zeze
  • "At first, I honestly did not see him as Superman, but now...He totally fits the bill! I'm starting to like him." — gd101

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