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Fans React to The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer

Buzz Blabber: The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer Is Magical

This week had you guys buzzing about upcoming movies, like The Odd Life of Timothy Green and The Hunger Games, but you also had a lot to say about the latest developments on True Blood. Check out some of our favorite reader comments below.

You're entranced by the magic of The Odd Life of Timothy Green trailer

  • "I love this. I don't think there are enough of these kind of magical realism [films]; Big Fish; Tuck Everlasting; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button kind of movies (and I didn't even like Benjamin Button — I just like this genre). It looks sweet and sad; hopefully it's well-written. . . ." — lizlee89
  • "It brought tears to my eyes!! I can't wait for it to come to theaters. I loved Big Fish as well, Benjamin Button, not so much. These movies help you believe in the magic of what could be."— shoegirl365
  • "Magical, heartfelt, and sweet. I like it!" — krispin

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New Hunger Games pictures draw mixed reactions

  • "It kinda sucks that they didn't dye Josh's hair but he's a good actor so I'll allow it. Jennifer is rocking the heck out of that hair." — awesomepants
  • "Josh Hutcherson is a great actor, but I feel like these movies are destined to be terrible." — jrosenberg02
  • "Jennifer looks amazing — I wasn't convinced when they first cast her but these pictures totally change my mind!" — littlemunchkin

True Blood's new spirit sparks intrigue

  • "I think the ghost was called to baby Mikey due to whatever Arlene and Holly were doing out in the woods in season 3 when she was asking for Holly's help in getting rid of the baby. Maybe whatever spirit that she and Holly called to them when they were doing that spell, manifested itself to watch over that baby?? I don't know. But I'm sure you can't do those kinds of rituals without calling out something from the spirit world. Arlene might need help from one of the witches to get rid of this spirit, who probably thinks that Arlene doesn't want her baby." — TammyO
  • "I think Mikey is some sort of baby medium (or maybe not) and [the spirit] just protective of him. Maybe was a nanny in her former life or she lost a child." — HoneyBrown
  • "If Mikey can see/sense the spirit, I would think he's also a medium or something 'supernatural'...I just wonder if she's protecting him from the creepy-dirty-doll or is a malevolent spirit (possibly connected to creepy-dirty-doll?) I just have to say, though, overall I'm liking this season a lot more than last. The plot seems tighter and is actually moving toward a common purpose, whereas last season, it started strong and kinda floundered toward the end. I can't wait for Eric's memory to come back though!" — dreamalittledream

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