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Fans react to Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in The Hunger Games

Buzz Blabber: The First Look at the Men of The Hunger Games Inspires Debate

This week you sounded off on a few big movie happenings, including the first glimpse of characters in the highly anticipated adaptation of The Hunger Games, two rival fairy-tale films, and the trailer for yet another ensemble romantic comedy. Check out the most opinionated and spirited comments from those subjects below.

Hunger Games fans take sides on Peeta and Gale

  • "So excited! I don't really care what they look like as long as they're relatively close. I just hope they can ACT like Peeta and Gale and I think they can." — likethedirection
  • "Peeta looks more beefed up than Gale . . . PROBLEMATIC" — KACIEJPC
  • "Wow, Liam Hemsworth looks so different here — he's still crazy hot; in fact, I think I kind of prefer him as a brunette. I'm still not on board with Josh Hutcherson, though. I love Peeta in the books, and this is not what I imagined (not blond or hot enough). I can't wait for the movie, though . . . " — lizlee89

To find out what else made you guys talk back in comments, just


Snow White and the Huntsman sparks intrigue

  • "I'd need to see a bit more, but solely based on the photos, I'd go with the Kristen Stewart one. The dress in the Relativity one makes me cringe — too saccharine for me, and if I want that kind of flavor, I'd rather watch the Disney cartoon." — RainyDays
  • "I don't like Kristen Stewart that much, but after seeing the photos of her and the cast in Huntsman, I'm very interested in watching the darker interpretation of the tale. Though how I can possibly choose between Chris Hemsworth and Armie Hammer?" — Karen Marie
  • "Snow White and the Huntsman looks really different. I'm looking forward to seeing it." — bryseana

The New Year's Eve trailer don't impress you much

  • "I'm going to love it, but in the way where it's actually terrible and I'm embarrassed to admit that i love it." — jannam
  • "I'd probably like this movie if they had stuck to 2 or maybe 3 of the plot lines, but when you throw in a million different characters and stories, it's very hard to actually care about the characters. It's tricky, and just because Love Actually was able to pull it off, doesn't mean it's going to work every time!!!" — dreamalittledream
  • "I know we're supposed to love these movies with "stellar casts" but it's starting to feel [like] cheap and manipulative movie making. *puke*" — Cupcake0110
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Bri4everRob Bri4everRob 6 years
Well they could have at least made Peeta's hair blonder, but hey as long as the movie is good I'll be happy.
Asfandancer Asfandancer 6 years
Instead of bringing on more young clones why not just use the clones that are already out there. Nothing different or unique about these guys.
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
^^^Yeah, that. Peeta is meant to be stocky and "cute" (not overly handsome like Gale). Josh is perfect casting. I'm sorry that people wanted a male model for Peeta, but that just wouldn't have been accurate casting. Although I will say I'm definitely pleasantly surprised at how much Liam now looks like the Gale that I pictured reading the books. He looks great.
abuchild abuchild 6 years
Peeta is supposed to be "beefier" than Gale. He's had enough food and is the son of a baker...lots of heavy lifting. And Gale lives in the Seam where he's had to scavenge for food...he's STARVING. He should be skinny with SOME muscle. And Gale is supposed to be the heart-throb, not Peeta. Peeta's supposed to be cute not "hot" and it's his overall cheekiness and personality that makes him so loveable. Josh is an excellent choice for Peeta and I love him in The Kids Are All Right. The jury is still out on Liam...I feel like he's still too big to be a starving teen in the Seam and as for his acting I refuse to watch The Last Song because of bad reviews and Miley Cyrus...but I won't hold that against him.
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