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Who Is Your Favorite Bachelor Ever?

Last week, The Bachelor returned for its fifteenth season, but current man-in-the-hot-seat Brad Womack hasn't exactly fared well his second time around. In fact, the dismal ratings for the episode made it the second lowest-rated premiere for the series ever. Could it be that viewers just don't like noncommittal Brad?

The majority of you have already admitted that he's not exactly your favorite; so tell me, who do you love? I've listed a few of the more memorable men in Bachelor history below. So who will it be — funny man Bob Guiney? The originator, Alex Michel? Or perhaps single dad Jason Mesnick gets your vote (that is, if you can forgive him for that whole Molly vs. Melissa debacle). Click on your pick below!

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realityqueen realityqueen 6 years
Looks like Bob Guiney is leading the way as most Fav bachy!!! Thats Awesome! He got my vote!!!! He is real. Unlike most of these other ones listed.
zeze zeze 6 years
I loved the British guy, I forgot his name, but he was really funny and you could tell he thought the show was a joke. He picked the airhead soap star's daughter AFTER meeting her insane family. I also thought the football player was hot, Jesse Palmer I think, can't say I remember much from his season though. And I HATED Aaron Burg, Bob Guiny and Jake. Watching their seasons was like that torture you can't stop from inflicting on yourself.
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
See, when I take polls like this I realize I don't like any of them. But I watch anyway...
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