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Favorite Wes Anderson Movie

What's Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movie?

News about another Wes Anderson movie (even if it's not a Wes Anderson original) got me thinking about his ever-growing canon of work. I'll always be partial to Bottle Rocket because it was my first introduction to the brothers Wilson and I still crack up thinking about it, but I have a deep love for Rushmore, too. And who can deny the brilliance of The Royal Tenenbaums? And even though The Darjeeling Limited mostly flew beneath the radar I liked it well enough. On the other hand, some people aren't turned on at all by his trademark aesthetic and stories about dysfunctional families.

What do you think?


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pinky-tuscadero pinky-tuscadero 8 years
Like and own them all, but Rushmore is my favorite!
sharshar sharshar 8 years
Tenenbaums, most def! :)
katie225 katie225 8 years
btw, i love all wes anderson movies, and the soundtracks! just tenenbaums is my fave.
katie225 katie225 8 years
TENENBAUMS! my favorite movie of all time! my favorite quote comes from it: "everyone knows custer died at little big horn. what this book presupposes is...maybe he didn't?" LOL!
arianell arianell 8 years
I love them all, except Darjeeling Limited. Rushmore is probably my favorite, with Royal Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket not far behind.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 8 years
I dont like any of them. They dont do it for me. I hate the whole trying too hard to be weird thing.
alikat07 alikat07 8 years
Rushmore all the way!
zzzlawyergirl zzzlawyergirl 8 years
RUSHMORE by far. Best. Movie. Ever.
treb treb 8 years
Definitely Royal Tennenbaums. I've enjoyed all of them, though DL was my least favorite. I had to rewatch Life Aquatic to totally appreciate it, though.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
I never realized how much he must love the wilson brothers. At least one of them is in almost every movie!
longhornlass04 longhornlass04 8 years
Shout out to my fellow UT alum! I've seen them all and for some reason i absolutely loved life aquatic the most. It was beautiful and creative and i loved the scene where they ambush the pirates. Willem Dafoe's best role...evvveerrrrr. (arguably)
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 8 years
all Wes Anderson movies suck except for The Life Aquatic.
Papaver Papaver 8 years
Buzz, thanks for that poll! :) Wes Anderson is my favorite director and it's really hard to choose favorite film of his. It'slike picking favorite child. Maybe The Royal Tenenbaums? I'm like Eli, I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
I can't even decide - there's so many amazing moments in each movie - I definitely exceptionally love The Darjeeling Limited and The Royal Tenenbaums, but I think Rushmore is probably his best written - I love all anything Wes Anderson though...
hayworthgilda hayworthgilda 8 years
Oh, are they? sigh. Love that movie.
mariellynelly mariellynelly 8 years
It was really hard to pick between Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums. I had to go with Rushmore though, I think it just made me laugh more.
caryatid caryatid 8 years
Phil - the tent scene gets me every time in RT. what gets you?
Adrenalynn75 Adrenalynn75 8 years
definitely Rushmore, with Bottle Rocket a very close second. ;)
Mariana48 Mariana48 8 years
royal tenenbaums without a doubt! i adore that movie!
elizabee123 elizabee123 8 years
rushmore is my favorite movie of all time.
Allyace Allyace 8 years
I LOVE Tennebaums. I have many fights defending that movie. So, I voted for that one. But to be fair, the only other one I have seen is Rushmore. I should get on that. The others just haven't looked as good. I've heard Bottle Rocket is good though...
laurelm laurelm 8 years
i love tennebaums, i HATED life aquatic, i couldnt even believe it was same guy.
daisydidi daisydidi 8 years
wow that was a hard one to vote for! i love all those movies EXCEPT life aquatic...that one i didnt care for at all. but the rest were pure genius!!! :) love him!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
He sorta reminds me of a slightly creepier Clay Aiken. Maybe that's bitchy, but I'm just sayin'.
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