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catrobson1987 catrobson1987 5 years
I haven't seen anyone mention Zoe Deschanel for Ana. I think she would be perfect. Understated beauty She can do serious and witty at the same time.   Alexander Skarsgard or Ryan Gosling for Christian!    
bbiddey bbiddey 5 years
Janet Montgomery would be perfect!!!
scorpio3786 scorpio3786 5 years
Emmy Rossum!!
bloquacious bloquacious 5 years
Alexandra Daddario AADaddario is my #1 Ana and she has the eyes that CTG would just goes crazy for...
klo0711 klo0711 5 years
Nina Debrov and Henry Cavil would be perfect for the lead roles. 
fmiller574 fmiller574 5 years
None of these actresses are mature enough in their acting. But who fits the part the most is Lucy Hale for Anastasia. As for Christen Grey, Ian Somerhalder has my vote!!! 
CHRISTina29 CHRISTina29 5 years
Alexis Bledel.. HANDS DOWN! Dark hair, blue eyes, PERFECTION!! No more Kristen and Robert, so over it. Twilight is their thing, I would prefer Fifty Shades to be someone else's. 
VleRoux VleRoux 5 years
Rachel Bilson would be a great Anna
aprilmayclark aprilmayclark 5 years
They are all beautiful actresses, but I do have to say that I'm surprised that Kristen is being considered. Her acting frustrates me. I wouldn't watch this movie if she was in it.
4ft2eyesofblue 4ft2eyesofblue 5 years
You all need to take a good look at Matt Boomer. He has Christian to a tee
moviegurl moviegurl 5 years
Katy Perry i think would be perfect  for Anastasia Steel  she's both innocent and sexy and Ian Somerhalder for Christian Grey he is so mysterious.
GhostWriter GhostWriter 5 years
Emilia Clarke or Felicity Jones!!! for Anastasia Steele Henry Cavil for Christian Grey!!  
Stephanie2813770 Stephanie2813770 5 years
Emilia Clarke or Lucy Hale would make the best Ana.  I see Alexander Skarsgard or Matt Bomer playing Christen.  My two picks from these would be Emilia Clarke and Alexander Skarsgard. :-)
Danigirl2000 Danigirl2000 5 years
SCARLETT JOHANSSON!!! She can look sweet and innocent AND sexy. Plus she can actually act.
MATT1234 MATT1234 5 years
Chris Hemsworth would be PERFECT! Look up his pictures in google. He has a great body AND he is a a strong enough actor to portray the complex character of Christian Grey.     And definitely Alexis Bledel. She has the innocence, the eyes and the acting. She's perfect!  
Nora2777256 Nora2777256 5 years
No matter what we say who is best, movie making is a big business risk. So am sure they will go for someone who can give them most money! I think with Robert and Kristen ( though am no big fan) getting public with their relationship ( whatever it is), fans most likely to watch them in this movie.
Chilipepperpalmer Chilipepperpalmer 5 years
I think Analeigh Tipton would be the best choice for Ana.  She has the big blue eyes and full mouth.  she's also the perfect age for Ana.
Jessica0493 Jessica0493 5 years
Omg, please choose a woman with actual talent and a little more maturity (not too mature.) I'm sick of Kirsten Stewart's poor acting. She's so freaking depressing.  Most of these women have been through the acting scene.  They need to choose "fresh meat," so to speak. I will die if i have to see Kirsten Stewart, Shailene Woodley and Emma Stone in another movie or tv show.  
Jessica2764815 Jessica2764815 5 years
I am older so my vision of Mr. Grey is a little different then so of the younger groups I think that Victor Webster (when he was younger) would be perfect with contacts and brozing of the hair - I guess this could be when I was 21 he would have been 28 - just my opinion - but please no Kristin or Robert - put some spotlight on someone else PLEASE   Pic from younger days  
missrebeccachan missrebeccachan 5 years
someone who can actually act but not be too mature..someone who is appealing enough for the camera but not be too striking or beautiful. My vote goes to Shailene Woodley or Elizabeth Olsen. 
pirategirl39 pirategirl39 5 years
I think either Alexis Bledel or Emma Stone. Would perfer not to see any of the Twilight actresses in this part. It would be like having to see another one of those lame vampire movies. It would be best to cast someone who has not been an a trilogy movie, so as to keep the character associations apart. Aside Kristen Stewart & Ashley Green are not that great when it comes to acting - both are very boring!!! Anyone else would be a much better choice then those two.
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
Alexis Bledel and Ian are the best choices to play Anastasia and Christian.. Alexis Bledel needs her chance to shine and this will be the chance!!!!
1278368 1278368 5 years
Only Kristen Stewart
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