25 Finding Nemo GIFs That Are Both Heartbreaking and Hilarious

Dec 10 2014 - 9:00am

This week, we got some new details about Finding Dory [1], Pixar's sequel to the 2003 hit Finding Nemo. Part of the reason why we're so excited to revisit the undersea adventure is because Nemo is such a sweet, heartwarming movie — and like most Pixar movies, so much more than just a kids' film. Since Finding Dory doesn't come out until 2016, we're looking back at the moments that filled our hearts with hope and delight from the original, Finding Nemo.

When Nemo's Dad, Marlin, Protects Nemo's Egg

When Marlin Teaches Nemo the Ways of the Ocean

When Marlin Tells Nemo It'll Be OK

When Dory Gets Confrontational

When Dory Is the Voice of Reason

When Dory Says Her Memorable Mantra

When This Desperate Hug Happens

When Dory Begs Marlin Not to Leave

When Dory Gets Something of Her Own

When We Hear This Realness

When Marlin Says This

When Dory Teaches Marlin About Friendship

When Dory Says This Heartbreaking Sentence

When the Sea Turtle Is So Friendly

When Dory and Marlin Cling to Each Other

When the Sea Turtles Have a Sea Turtle Baby

When the Little Sea Turtle Is SO Cute

When the Shark Shows Up

When a School of Fish Makes One Big Fish

When the Seagulls Are Annoying but Hilarious

When the Pelican Crashes

When Bubbles Is Obsessed With His Bubbles

When We Meet the Starfish in the Tank

When Nemo Rushes Back to His Dad at the End

And They Get Their Own Happily Ever After

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