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Finn and Quinn Get Together on Glee

Buzz Blabber: Are Finn and Quinn a Bad Match on Glee?

We were treated to a double dose of Glee this week, but not all fans are happy with the way the writers are pairing up the characters. As Finn and Quinn rekindle their old flame, our readers spoke up about why these two aren't better together. Check out the comments, along with other debate-worthy topics from the week!

Glee fans lash out about Finn and Quinn's reunion

  • "I'm not surprised about Finn and Quinn but I'm also not a fan of their relationship at all. Finn is a complete flake to go back to someone who lied to him for as long as Quinn did last season. He'd be better off going back to Rachel. At least Rachel didn't sleep with Puck and get pregnant with his child and pretend it was Finn's. I prefer Quinn and Sam. They're cute together and there is no twisted history there." — kimmieb124
  • "I don't like the whole Finn and Quinn thing....I hate when shows recycle love interests too often." — care0531
  • "I wish Quinn didn't kiss Finn. I like her better with Sam. Although, I did catch the glimpse exchanged between Sam and Santana at Breadsticks. Hmmm... New couple alert?" — mandi villa

To find out what readers had to say about Lady Gaga's new tune and the True Blood books, just


Is Lady Gaga's new single a Madonna ripoff?

  • "Love Gaga but this sounds just like Madonna's 'Express Yourself. Not original at all." — taylorvon
  • "I love Lady Gaga, but when I first listened to it this morning, I had the same reaction as taylorvon. Sure enough; all over the internet people had the same thought. Super disappointing by that alone." — LeiraElle
  • "It's OK and I love Gaga, but it's not as great as it's been hyped up to be. Definitely sounds like 'Express Yourself.'" — redchick152

No tears over the Sookie Stackhouse novels coming to an end

  • "I love the books, but, to be absolutely honest, the last few just haven't been that great. Two more books in the series sounds good to me." — Mädchen
  • "The books are definitely easy reads. I love all the characters. While I'll really miss the books, I feel that it's about time for the Sookie Stackhouse storyline to be complete. I hope to have plenty of True Blood to watch though!" — reesiecup
  • "I agree....the last few haven't been as good so I think its best to end them. I was getting bored with them. I will probably read the last two just so I can see how she ends things." — ktc71

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ihaveaqtsn ihaveaqtsn 6 years
Finn cheated on Quinn twice....with Rachel. Once when Rachel was teaching Finn to sing and again when they went bowling together in season one. It didn't seem like Finn had that big a problem with cheating back then....I guess its only wrong when he's not the one cheating.
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