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First Look: 24's Seventh Season

First Look: 24's Seventh Season

It was almost exactly one year ago when we got our first look at what was to be the seventh season of 24. How foolish we were! A year of production problems and one writers' strike later, here we are again, looking at a trailer for 24's seventh season. Hopefully this one's for real.

The basic outline for the season (which will air in 2009 following a November prequel) appears to be basically the same: The first female president is sworn in, there's trouble in Africa, and Tony Almeida is back from the dead. This preview has a little less action on the ground in Africa — I wonder if some of that ended up in the prequel? — but there's a whole lot of action in general.

The trailer will air on TV after the prequel on Nov. 23, but why wait? To watch it now, just


Photo courtesy of Fox

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tink08 tink08 8 years
um...many people have been declared "dead" by the FBI and really just disappeared...this is a totally justifiable plot. Anyone who is a 24 fan has to be a Republican. Welcome to the real world... this show is way more realistic than people realize. Can't wait!!!
ink-on-paper ink-on-paper 8 years
oh man i can't wait! i saw them filming scenes in DC awhile ago and Kiefer looks badass!
HeidiMD HeidiMD 8 years
This is going to be so great! My brother and I have a theory that Tony faked his death as part of a larger conspiracy; we can't wait to see if we're right! If I saw the trailer, right, though, it looks like there is a flashback in the Senate hearing scene! Wonder how that's going to work.
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
I'm really excited about 24 coming back, and loved the original preview, but this new preview isn't all that compelling. I am, however, happy to see that they've ratcheted down the melodrama though...they were really going into some ridiculous stuff last season.
kathy6343 kathy6343 8 years
Ok, how the heck are they going to explain Tony coming back from the dead? I usually don't mind how unrealistic 24 is, but that's taking it a little far, haha
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