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First Look: Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There"

First Look: Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There"

When I first heard that Cate Blanchett was going to be one of the actors portraying Bob Dylan in a new biopic about the singer, I'm Not There, I was intrigued.

When I first saw this photo of Cate as Bob Dylan, I was impressed.

But when I saw this first clip from the movie, all my hopes were dashed. I'm certainly not trying to knock Cate's acting chops — if any woman could pull it off, it would be her — but this is downright ridiculous. I mean, unless I was under the wrong impression and this is supposed to be a comedy...but I don't think that is the case.

David Cross is playing Allen Ginsberg? And driving around in a zany golf cart-ish mobile? Uh, okay!

Honestly, it's a little painful, but maybe it will be better in context? Let's hope. To see the clip just


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Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 9 years
jennybop jennybop 9 years
that's incredible. awesome. i can't wait to see it
corona corona 9 years
Ain't it clear that-- Cate just can't fit Yes, I believe it's time for her to quit When she meet Allen Introduced as friends Please don't let on that you knew she wasn't a him Ah, she fakes just like a woman, yes, she does... *with apologies to Dylan
german_lady german_lady 9 years
it's absolutely weird!!! her cheeks and her small hands....doesn't remind me of bob dylan at all :oy:
<3-Gossip <3-Gossip 9 years
Cate, Cate, Cate...You are definitely the only woman who could pull this off.....But...It was still weird to see that clip.
Jinx Jinx 9 years
Cate just continues to impress me. I thought I couldn't love her any more than I already do, but playing Bob Dylan just put her over the top! Go Cate!
crista71 crista71 9 years
Allen Ginsburg in a golf cart is kind of like the Pope in the Pope-mobile.
janefriar janefriar 9 years
That clip was beautiful. I can not wait to see it! Don't get me wrong - I love Anne of Green Gables, but I am shocked that some one with an Anne of Green Gables avatar thinks this movie will be boring. Ha!
trinitycip trinitycip 9 years
i agree with brittanybe...after all the editing (and context in the movie), this will sound and look much better.
brittanybe brittanybe 9 years
I thought it was good. This isn't the final cut, editing makes a huge difference. Dylan's singing voice is raspy but his speaking voice isn't. I thought Cate acted just like the young Dylan I've seen in Scorsese's biopic of him.
caernarvan caernarvan 9 years
david cross was AWESOME! with casting like cate blanchett's though you have to watch the whole thing. besides, aren't like, 45 different people playing Bob Dylan? and by 45, I mean 3 or 4.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 9 years
I think it looks weird...and great. Many actors will play Dylan at different stages of his life in this movie. I love that Cate is among them. She has Bob's mannerisms down pat in this clip. I definitely want to see this...but I admit it will probably be on DVD, b/c I had to watch the clip twice to really get it.
janemast janemast 9 years
I am so excited about this movie. And I love David Cross. Looks just like my kind of movie!
partysugar partysugar 9 years
krampalicious krampalicious 9 years
seriously? you're not totally stoked about this movie from this clip? my crew and i have been drooling over it like whoa. i adore the idea of david cross as allen ginsberg--utterly brilliant. and we are all huge cate fans, and supposedly the character she plays is meant to be "bob dylan-esque" and not a dead-on mimic. because, c'mon, who can do bob better than bob? i can't wait to see christian bale in his part, either. i for one, am looking forward to this.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
I think Cate did an okay job, considering that she's a woman playing a man. But the movie itself looked pretty strange, and not in a good way. Disappointing. I had high hopes for this.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i doubt i'd watch that. looks terribly boring.
lindaloo lindaloo 9 years
Very odd. The hair looks like Bob's but the rest?
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Well, that was painfully strange. I really was hopeful that Cate could pull this off, but it doesn't look promising. Too artsy, too...awkward; she seems to be playing at the role rather than being immersed in it. Having said that, though, I'll probably still watch.
Rachiepop Rachiepop 9 years
This is odd, although I know IMDB is never guaranteed 100% accurate it states that there will be 7 different actors each portraying a different aspect of Dylan's life. That should be quite interesting if it's true.
Tech Tech 9 years
I adore it, but I would adore it more if they would have put his son, Jakob, in it. I'm just saying...
figurine figurine 9 years
There's nothing Bergman about this clip; more Godard if anything.
thatsmypurse thatsmypurse 9 years
I always thought his voice was really deep and raspy. To me, she as a he just sounded too much like a girl. And yeah, that was a very odd segment, but I had no idea what was going on really...
abeethousand abeethousand 9 years
hmmmm...bit disappointed by cate, casting her as a young dylan reeked of "art-house film snobbery" if you ask me. a little too "ooh let's be avant-garde". you can't tell me that there aren't a handful of great young male actors out there who would have been perfect in the roll. besides, it pushes the assumption that dylan had effeminate qualities, which i don't believe has ever been anybodies opinion. as for the weirdness of the clip, again, it seems like the director was trying too hard to be quite, well, European. the black and white, the bizarre dialogue, the odd choice of ginsburg's golf cart...doesn't anybody else feel like this is a bad attempt at Bergman or Truffaut? lastly, after being pretty disappointed by pretty much the entire thing, i have to say david cross is great. looks exactly like ginsburg and exudes a calmness and subtlety in the roll rather than "over-acting" or emoting too much. that's my 2 cents.
mandykw mandykw 9 years
Why would they chose a woman for that role?? This seems soo strange
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