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First Look: Dirty Sexy Money's Second Season

First Look: Dirty Sexy Money's Second Season

The last episode of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money aired so long ago, it had a Nutcracker theme. The show — like its counterparts in ABC's Wednesday night lineup, Pushing Daisies and Private Practice — went off the air during the writers' strike and never returned. This week, Dirty Sexy Money is back, amid a bunch of promises from the producers that this year's show will be "dirtier," "sexier," and — you got it — "monier."

Along those lines, they've added Lucy Liu to the cast as Nola Lyons, a "whip-smart, overachieving, and very fashionable" attorney who goes up against Peter Krause's Nick George. Nick, meanwhile, will find himself more affected by the over-the-top wealth and naughty antics of the Darlings, even as he tries to stay on the sidelines.

The show's gone through a lot of turmoil since its premiere (several executive producers, episodes that were reshot or ditched altogether), but I'm hoping Dirty Sexy Money can pull it together for season two. I was recently rewatching parts of last season online, and there were definitely signs of a fun soap opera in there. Want to check out how things are looking so far? To watch three clips from the premiere, including one with Liu, just


Photo and videos courtesy of ABC

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