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First Look: John Adams on HBO

When I think of fascinating historical figures, John Adams isn't necessarily one who jumps out at me. But maybe that's because I just don't know enough about him yet. After all, as executive producer Tom Hanks says in the preview for HBO's upcoming John Adams miniseries, "If I had been told this at any time in my educational career, it would have blown my little skull."

Based on David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, the seven-part miniseries chronicles Adams' life as a man both dedicated to law and committed to freedom. Besides focusing on his role as a founding father, the movie also spotlights his relationship with his wife, Abigail, regarded — as HBO puts it — as "one of the most moving love stories in American history." It helps that two of my favorite actors, Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney, appear in the starring roles.

The miniseries starts March 16 with a special two-part broadcast. I know Citizen and Liberty are pumped — are you? To watch a preview and a clip with Giamatti and Linney talking about their roles, just



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ASpoonfulofSugar ASpoonfulofSugar 9 years
just bought the biography - might have to set aside my current attempt at Anna Karenina and read it NOW so i can watch the mini-series!
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
I'm definately gonna watch this. I'm a history buff and this is right up my alley. :)
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 9 years
I'm looking forward to watching this.
carak carak 9 years
this was filmed in Richmond, VA, where i'm from! so excited for it.
sweetrae80 sweetrae80 9 years
i can't wait to see this- i love history
sfprgirl sfprgirl 9 years
Amazing. I can't wait to watch. And what a great time in our nation's political unrest to open this dialogue. I've already marked it on my calendar!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
This looks so good. Thanks, Buzz. Laura Linney impresses me more and more with each new project.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 9 years
I wish I had HBO! I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD. I love the Founding Fathers and American history. So inspirational.
Kaysnowboarder Kaysnowboarder 9 years
Wow, this is great - I am going to set it up on Tivo so I do not miss any of it. I love these kinds of shows. what a great cast. Thanks Buzz!!
Cadet Cadet 9 years
It's about time! I've always been a fan of John Adam and moreover his relationship with his wife, Abigail. Really great historical stuff, here.
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
Neat. I'll watch this. I sorta have to. John Adams and John Q. Adams were my great great great great however many greats Grandfathers. My big claim to fame. :) I also grew up about 10 minutes from one of Tom Hanks childhood homes. Weird!
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