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First Photo and Movie Poster of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways 2009-12-14 06:30:00

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways — First Photo!

UPDATE: As it turns out, the poster image was not official and has been removed.

In case you hadn't heard, the stars of New Moon have some pretty big projects around the corner — and I'm not just talking about Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. At Sundance next month, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning will premiere The Runaways — their biopic about the lives of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. We saw tons of photos of Stewart rockin' that black mullet on the set over the Summer, but here is the first official still from the film.

So what do you think? Are you ready for Stewart's first big post-Bella Swan role? Personally I'm most looking forward to hearing the ladies work their vocal cords — I'm already pretty sure that Stewart won't have a hard time nailing down the rocker chick motif. Are you excited about the movie or would you rather just fast-forward to the rest of the Twilight saga?

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Chew094 Chew094 7 years
I can't wait to see this movie. I love Joan Jett and Kristen, so I guess that will be amazing movie :D
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
Love how this looks so far!
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
Dakota is such a great actress!
azh azh 7 years
Dakota looks exactly like Cherry..
ladyida ladyida 7 years
am seeing the Runways next month in Madison WI
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I have to state it again, if you think I am trying to discredit you and therefore I am being rude, re-read your comment #49; perhaps you may see some of what you and I have said in a different light. Anyway, have a good night! I'm off for the evening.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
As far as negative comments about Stewart's ability, read any review of Twilight and/or New Moon, including those from credible sources. Of course other actors who have worked with her aren't going to be outright rude about her acting abilities; to do so would be incredibly unprofessional. However, critics have been mixed about her abilities, which, to me, shows that she's an average actress. She seems to be better when given quality material and when surrounded by quality directors, co-stars, etc.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Nope, not trying to discredit your opinion at all. The fact that you even said that just goes to show that you have chosen to simply cherry pick things I said from my posts, especially when you consider the fact that I said that I don't have strong feelings about Stewart either way. However, if you think I'm attacking you, perhaps you should re-read your posts, which could be seen as much ruder than mine. Like I said, I don't think you're attacking me, but if you honestly think I'm acting you, there's no way you could reasonably think you're not attacking me.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Additionally, I'm not sure what you think I'm trying to argue that's pointless. Maybe you should make an account and pm me so we don't waste the time of others on here, since we are obviously not connecting on some level here; you seem to keep misrepresenting what I'm saying. I'm going to assume it's because you are misunderstanding me and not because you are trying to discredit me.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Ally, I'm not attacking anyone, nor did I say that you were. However, I was told to shut up. And others expressing their opinion that Stewart is a less-than-stellar actress were told that they weren't worthy of talking and that they were haters. Additionally, as I noted, one comment was deleted by narrators, so it was obviously deemed to be a personal attack.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Also, to go along with Suzi's point, Dern's comment sounds greatly like something someone would say if he didn't want to be rude to someone he personally finds nice, but didn't want to be dishonest about her abilities.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Unique does not equal good. And, while I don't have to time that you do, I'm sure I could find a wealth of quotes about her lack of acting ability from people without a vested interest in her doing well. Honestly, I don't even think she's that bad. I don't have a strong opinion about her either way. If you honestly believe that the people criticizing Stewart are comparable to those criticizing other users on here, I guess there's no point in me even talking to you, because I will never understand where you're coming from. Commenters criticized Stewart and her acting ability and they were personally attacked. I'm extremely perplexed as to how addressing one of the actresses whom the post is about it analogous to directly addressing another commenter.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Also, you have the same quote listed for Dern and Martin and it's not a quote about acting ability.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Ally, we were obviously raised in very different worlds if you believe that people deserve to be told to shut up, that they don't have the right to talk, and worse (at least one comment was deleted by moderators) because they state their opinion without first saying "in my opinion." That's one of the oddest defenses of behavior I've heard in a while! Just to check, only one of your quotes is actually from a director, right?
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Sorry, suzi! I think my brain/eyes mixed up the i in suzi and the y in ryder! And that's a good point about what directors would or wouldn't say about actors in their films.
suziryder suziryder 7 years
aitch3: I never said Kristen didn't have roles before Twilight. I'm saying she's getting more now because she's so popular due to Twilight. This is true of any actor when they're little-known and then they star in a big blockbuster and become a fan favorite: they get more and more offers for roles because the movie companies know that their fans will want to see them (read: ticket sales). I've never heard of directors praising Kristen acting either, and frankly, if they did I'd chalk it up to the PR machine that's behind the movie than the director actually genuinely praising her. A director can't go out bad-mouthing his actors because 1) it might actually go against his contract and 2) he wouldn't want to hurt ticket sales either. lilkimbo, your exchange with melesa was awesome. Also, y'all: I spell my name with an i, not a y :)
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