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Are You Excited For the MacGruber Movie?

Universal pictures recently released these first stills of the upcoming MacGruber movie, and started a little inner-office debate about the SNL skit. There have been some awesome hits and clear misses when it comes to SNL skits-turned-movies, and I have to say I'm a bit skeptical about MacGruber. Sure, some of the skits are funny, but it's usually only when a great celeb is hosting the show. On the other hand, maybe Ryan Phillippe has been harboring some comedic skills that he's been keeping from us all these years. Where do you stand — are you excited for the MacGruber movie?

Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures

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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
I agree about Kristen Wiig - she is without a doubt the most talented and funny actor on SNL right now, and she makes anything she's in better. As far as the movie goes, I'll wait to judge until I at least see the trailer (even then I won't be sure), but I'm not very hopeful. SNL has continuously gotten worse and worse over the years; BUT (and this is a big but - haha; immature pun) the shining light in all of its years has been satirical parody - the best form of sketch comedy is mocking famous features of media (this includes politicians, celebrities, and deliciously cheesy 80's action shows). As silly as it is; I actually think the MacGruber skit is funny. I'm just not sure if it's funny enough to fill an hour-and-a-half-long movie...
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 7 years
same here Briandeisel. Screw ryan phillippe, i'm diggin Kristen Wiig. She is hilarious.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
Kristen Wiig in anything makes me wanna watch.
bleached bleached 7 years
Most SNL skits turned into movies have been terrible. The only one that I actually enjoyed was Wayne's World. Night at the Roxbury was passable. Everything else = fail.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
not at all no. i don't know why everyone seems to think that every little skit from SNL should be made into a movie...this one def should not!
limelindsey limelindsey 7 years
The part I like most about MacGruber sketches is how they change the theme song each time. Hilarious!
DeppObsession DeppObsession 7 years
Not really. I know it's going to be hilarious. But I prefer the short skits on SNL. I'll probably rent it, just for some good entertainment :)
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