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Five Questions for Gossip Girl

The onset of Summer also means the return of my Five Questions series, in which I take a look back at the most recent seasons of some favorite TV shows and pose some hypothetical questions about their future. Today's questions are for Gossip Girl, which will start its second season in the Fall.

  1. Will the viewers ever come? Much has been made about Gossip Girl being a high-buzz, low-ratings series, which gets its stars on magazine covers but can't break 3 million viewers per week. Part of that could be due to the different ways the show's young demographic watches TV — some of which can't be tracked by any existing methods (and which are certainly not counted by advertisers). But part of it could just be that not that many people are watching. I keep thinking the buzz will have to pay off in ratings eventually; will this be the year?
  2. Dan and Serena: Will they? Won't they? Do we care? Dan and Serena's relationship is the centerpiece of all the show's many romantic liaisons, but they've already been brought together and ripped apart so many times that I'm starting to get whiplash. It's turning a little into Derek and Meredith 2.0 — when they're together, they're kind of boring, but when they're apart, it just seems like they're in placeholder relationships that don't mean anything since we know they'll just be back together again anyway.
  3. Three more questions, so


  4. What will become of Georgina? I thought Michelle Trachtenberg gave the show a much-needed evilness infusion as Georgina Sparks, but the resolution to her storyline was one of many things that fell flat in the season finale. Last we saw, she was being shipped off to reform school — but we now know Trachtenberg will be back on the show come Fall. How will little Georgie get herself out of this one?
  5. How much will happen over the Summer? Remember, we're talking about a show that set up a whole set of relationships in the finale, then flipped them on their heads within 10 minutes thanks to a little "one week later" flash-forward. What's going to happen when our Upper East Siders have three whole months of scandal and sun in the Hamptons to fuel them? Will we recognize a single scenario when the show picks up in the Fall?
  6. Will there really be a spinoff? While those first rumors of a spinoff seem a little shady now, it doesn't seem out of the question that GG would use this season to prime one (or more) characters for a second show. After all, it happened in the books. Will certain characters get more time in the spotlight next year to see how they'd do as the focus of a separate series?
  7. Photo courtesy of The CW

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