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Five Questions for "Lost"

Five Questions for "Lost"

This summer, I'm looking back at the most recent seasons of some of my favorite shows and posing a few hypothetical questions about their future in this feature, Five Questions. Today's questions are for "Lost," which may require several of these "Five Questions" editions — not just because I have more like a billion questions, but also because the darn season doesn't start up until early next year.

  1. Will this season be completely awesome or totally suck? The '06-'07 season of "Lost" was one of extremes: The fall episodes sucked, the unbelievably long hiatus royally ticked us off, and then when they came back with the rest of the season's episodes in the spring, the show pretty much rocked. I have faith in you "Lost," but I feel like I've been burned, too. Proceeding cautiously, I await (and wait and wait until '08) your next trick.
  2. Juliet: Good? Evil? Good? Evil? Love her or hate her, Juliet has gathered many viewers into her possibly evil clutches. Some think she's just doing what she needs to do to survive, having seen that softer side of Juliet in the flashbacks. But if she's actually nice deep down, how can she be so cold sometimes? Shudder. I don't trust that Juliet further than I can throw her, which isn't far because she lives in my TV and that's really heavy. I'll be interested to see what she does next — and why. This question can also be applied to Naomi, the Power Ranger who fell from the sky.
  3. Three more questions, so

  4. Who — or what — is Jacob? A man? A ghost? A figment of Ben's imagination that Locke just thought he heard? He obviously has a special power over the Others, and he appears to be a kind of God figure to them. But does he even exist for real? This is one question that, while it has piqued my curiosity, I'd almost (almost!) rather not learn the answer to, if it means really seeing Jacob. It would be like meeting the Wizard of Oz.
  5. What's going to happen to Sun and her baby? This is a crucial question that has me very anxious. There are many possibilities and most of them are awful. Maybe she'll live but the baby will die. Or the baby will live and Sun will die. Or it will turn out that Jin's superhero semen has caused her to give birth to ten babies, and they'll start a new colony all their own. Whatever it is, I can't wait to see because I think Sun is my favorite character.
  6. Who's going to die next? With just three seasons left of "Lost," I can't imagine they have any qualms about killing off at least one fairly central character per season. Any guesses about next season's victim?

There isn't enough room in the blogosphere to write up all the questions I have about this show! Like, what's up with Mikhail (Patchy) and Locke's ability to cheat death when not all the characters have that ability? What's up with Desmond now? And Penny? How old is Walt, exactly? Is Kate pregnant with Sawyer's baby? If she gives birth, will Sawyer tell his infant to "cowboy up"? So few answers. What are your "Lost" questions?

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intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 9 years
Okay, I'm just going to throw this out there. I think Jacob is the smoke monster, which is also a shape-shifter (*Jack's dad, Walt, black horse*). I'm not a fan of the flash forwards. When we found out that Jack and Kate got off the island and Jack was miserable, I was really sad. There are some things that I'd rather not know about until the end.
lostjater lostjater 10 years
Oh- I heard that the rest will be a mix of flash forwards . and flash backs. Which makes me think it will all end with a grand finale, some where in the middle.At some time and point when everyone who is there is glad to be there, and is at peace.
lostjater lostjater 10 years
ok. 1. Next season? Will be incredible. It's too bad we have to wait sooooooo long for it.2.Juliet? CANT STAND HER. She only wants to get back to her sister right? no, now she wants revenge on ben (and to get in Jacks pants). And how many women died there under her care? 3. Jacob. Jacob is-was real. very powerful.The key to a lot. I have heard that "God loves you Jacob" will be seen.4.Sun & bebe. Well, I think she probably get off the island first. Everybody loves her, but think about how innocent she isn't.And does she really want to go back, where they knew she was running, and will she see hotel prince again? Sun and Jin were truly in love once, and now again, but dont forget who she killed. And for sure still has to be angry with Sawyer for the kidnapping bit. 5. Who will die next? I dont know. Still can't get over the fact that Charlies dead, and NOT LOCKE!
AtatakaiSunshine AtatakaiSunshine 10 years
Gosh, my main question is how 'bout those flashforwards? It doesn't seem like the kind of thing they'd do for only one episode, so... is it the new norm? They're so close to being rescued so what's gonna screw it up now?! And after that, will they just go back to living on their island as per usual? Things are just so crazy O_o!! Also, I've been expecting Walt and Michael to come back since I didn't really think they could escape by boat, but after seeing Walt in the last ep I realized how weird that would be. The kid's growing up... and in a show that's still taking place in like 2004, that could be a problem. Mostly I just want to know what is UP with this island!
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 10 years
I refuse to watch Lost anymore after the horrendous beginning of Season 3 and Charlie's death in the season finale. I really loved Charlie/Claire and now they just killed it.
spacebear spacebear 10 years
i can't believe its not coming back til 2008. arrrrgggghhh!
vanyvrgs vanyvrgs 10 years
I want Jack to die. But I have wanted to die since day one. As for who is in the casket it is a man from New York survived by a son (according to the obituary Jack had)... I can only think of Michael --unless it is someone new we have yet to meet.Or they all have different identities when brought out of the island -- (btw, I certainly think Kate does). Regardless Sawyer has a daughter and not a son.... I was thinking it was someone new because Jack expected Kate to be there and for the life of me (based on what we have been told so far) I could not see why Kate would want to Michael's funeral..... Re the ash/gunpowder, I believe the writers said it was ash -- either to keep something in or something out. I am thinking Jacob is an entity like the smoke monster and Ben controls it by this ash. I know it sounds pretty sci fi even for me, but that is all I got.
redsmurf99 redsmurf99 10 years
I cannot wait until Lost comes back. I am sad that we have to wait so long, but for back to back episodes with no will be worth the wait. I was sad to see how Jack turned out too, he was getting on my nerves for a while there, but that last ep made me feel really sorry for him. I still prefer Sawyer though!
JOpinionated JOpinionated 10 years
I have a few lingering questions as well, as I am a HUGE fan and blog about the show with great frequency: 1. What about the four-toed statue? Does it relate to the ancient temple post that Locke's dad was tied to in the Others' campground? Is it yet another stroke of genius and misdirection to further those Atlantis theories? 2. What is the deal with the ageless Richard Alpert? Is he supposed to be one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys? 3. Where the hell did Sheriff Isabel disappear when the Others abandoned that small island with the cages in pursuit of Jack, Kate and Sawyer? After she put Juliet on trial, we never saw her again. 4. Was the substance surrounding Jacob's cabin gunpowder from the dynamite in the Black Rock, or ash? (Remember that a volcano was referred to during the flashback to Ben's class during recruitment as a kid). What is the significance, and who put it there? 5. What on earth did Ben tell Kate when she was first captured, during breakfast on the beach that day (about her 'difficult two weeks')? 6. Where do Flight Attendant Cindy and the Tail Section Kids live/hide? I still believe that there is an underground city and transportation system beneath that island, where the kidnapped kids are kept safe from the island dangers above. I also think that the infamous Black Smoke Monster is controlled from that location.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 10 years
I also think its Sawyer in the casket (even though I DO NOT like that) and I think the person waiting for Kate at home was her parole officer or baby. I also hope season four has a flashback of my personal favorite character Rousseau, preferably with a little more info about the numbers. My first choice of someone to die would be Claire because she adds the least to the show.
sashak sashak 10 years
what what?!?! do tell? what kind of questions? oh Desmond... le sigh :drool:
kiddylnd kiddylnd 10 years
I actually belong to a survey group and last night when I logged on it offered me a survey on "entertainment". When I got past the first few questions I realized that it was all about LOST and what worked, didn't, etc. They asked a lot of questions that lead me to believe that they are actually paying attention to what we've been saying about this past season and HOPEFULLY they will get back to the good stuff. I can for sure say now tho, that I was able to give input into next season! : o)
stefsprl stefsprl 10 years
I'm with the rest of you...I've got tons of questions but the two main ones are who was in the casket at the funeral home and what was the deal with Libby. I read somewhere that the writers didn't intend to kill Libby off at first, but decided they needed more emotional impact (I guess people didn't love Ana Lucia enough for that to have the impact they wanted!)...maybe they had intended on developing her later and then lost their chance? I'm still frustrated by that. But I'm more frustrated that I have to wait until 2008 to find out ANY answers -- AHHHHH!
Karma-Co Karma-Co 10 years
I've got high hopes for the next couple of seasons... But, i've got a feeling that every question we have, is always gonna be answered with another question! lol
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 10 years
I'm looking forward to the next season, but I have to say, I'm already deeply saddened and disappointed in what Jack will become (via the flash-forwards). I want him to be the hero - the good guy- forever, and it's very hard for me to see him ruined by their rescue. So I guess my question is - are the flashforwards set in concrete? Can they possibly change? :fingerscrossed: I know they probably won't, but I would love them to end up a little better than what I have seen so far. And I want to know what happened with the crew Penny DID send out, and who this ship that's supposedly coming to save them really has in it, or where they came from. And when Naomi told Mikhail "I'm not alone" was she referring to the ship? Or were there other people on the island that came with her? That possibly bailed out of the same aircraft? And, if Penny didn't send her, then why did she have a picture of Desmond and Penny in her book?
lintacious lintacious 10 years
pud: "I think they should kill off Said (sp?) next. For a soldier, he's totally useless. [...] His incompetence is just frustrating to watch. " OHMYGOSH!!! Sayeeed is amazing! When he was tied up at their camp with the others and he knocked that guy down with his feet while his hands were tied behind his back! He is so bad ass.
verily verily 10 years
I'm still too ticked about Charlie being killed off to really care about Lost at the moment. I might tune in but Lost will never be the same for me.
lintacious lintacious 10 years
its like when you get your hopes up, then someone disappoints you, over and over and over again; you being to not care anymore.
pud3333 pud3333 10 years
Lost really frustrated me this last season. It got to the point where I almost didn't want to watch anymore, but I stuck it out, and the finale was awesome. Now that Lost has a firm end date, I'll probably stick it out until the end. I think Juliet is evil. I am convinced the flashbacks are just their perception of what went on and who they are, which is not necessarily the truth. Does she have a soft side? Maybe. But I think she's in it for herself. Jacob is the island I figure. They've made the island up to have it's own personality and entity, so I figure Jacob may be the island itself. Locke is always talking about the island talking to him; well, perhaps it actually did for once. Don't really care too much about Sun's kid. But I do like her as a character if only to support Gin (sp?), who I think gets short changed cause of the language thing. He's the only honorable character on the whole island. Although it was fun watching him kick that eyepatch guy's butt. I think they should kill off Said (sp?) next. For a soldier, he's totally useless. I don't think any of his so-called plans have worked yet. I don't know if that's any indication of the Iraqi Republican Guard, but man, his incompetence is just frustrating to watch. Personally, I'd like either Kate or Jack dead, but we already know they won't die. I'm just tired of their baggage and just want them to go away. Especially Jack, who up until the moment where he beat on Ben, was pretty much a big wimp.
dior_show dior_show 10 years
I have SO many questions for that what is jacob? (obviously) what is with the black cloud of death? Whats going on with Penny? (last episode of season 2...) Why is Walt still on the island? And in my opinion I think it is Sawyer, or even possibly Locke in the casket, and I am curious whats up with Libby and Hurley. I still enjoy the show, but it is getting a little too wierd for me to really get into it. Its just those crazy endings that keep me watching (and the few characters I like)
Seraphim Seraphim 10 years
Seraphim Seraphim 10 years
i think its sawyer in the casket,... thats why when jack went to see him he said he was neither a friend or family
eddie27 eddie27 10 years
Love, Love, LOVE this show!! I want to know about the black smoke. Defense mechanism? And why can't it get past the force field?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 10 years
I agree with Lesley on the whole Libby/Hurley question. They haven't done anything with that since, but I've been wanting to know more!
brazilnut brazilnut 10 years
Juliet is evil. Ya'll just wait, I know she is!
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