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Five Questions For Ugly Betty Before Season Four

Five Questions For Ugly Betty

It's Summer, and that means it's time for my Five Questions series, where I reflect on the most recent seasons of some favorite shows and chat about their challenges for the future. Today, I'm posing some questions for Ugly Betty, which will start its fourth season in the Fall.

  1. Will the move to Friday night kill this show? Even if you love Betty, will you love it enough to stay in on Friday to tune in? Usually that time slot is a killer, even with DVD recording taken into account. On the other hand, though, expectations are lower for big ratings — and maybe that will give the writers some flexibility to explore smaller storylines and remember what made the show so special in the first place.
  2. Can Daniel recover from Molly's death? Molly turned Daniel from a playboy into a regular Prince Charming, but with her gone, how will Daniel deal? This is the most committed we've ever seen him — Daniel Meade, married! — and I wonder if he'll keep the good-guy attitude or swear off relationships for good. Will we be in for episode upon episode of Daniel moping? Or will he return to his wild ways with a whole bunch of ladies sweeping in and out of his life? And will he ultimately break down and say something to Betty like, "If I don't get close to anyone, I won't have to feel pain again"? (I'd bet good money that line makes it into the season.)

Three more questions coming up, so


  1. Just how evil is Matt going to get? I think we all called this one: Matt was never to be trusted, and he was always kind of a petulant child. But now he's clearly evil, and he's likely to make Betty's life at Mode a living hell just when she's building up some career momentum. How will she break free of his wicked grasp? How long will it take?
  2. Will there be wedding bells for Hilda? He's a little boring, but the karate kid Archie is really good for Hilda. Remember when he totally was understanding about Betty kidnapping a baby? That's the kind of guy you want to hang onto — especially when you have Hilda's crazy family and crummy dating track record. So is it too much to ask for a big Hilda wedding? She deserves some happiness!
  3. Whom did Willi see in the season finale? Was it Connor? And if so, do we really want that guy back? I'm not so sure. I do know that I like evil, ambitious, scheming Willi more than love-lorn, mushy Willi, and I'm hoping whatever mysterious figure she spotted in those closing minutes means there's lots more devilish behavior to come.

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Beatrice1979a Beatrice1979a 8 years
Well, I can't part with my friday nights so I am not going to watch this on TV (plus this show has really gone down in my personal priorities list... hated season 3). But I might check screencaps from time to time and catch it online if the episode had good reviews. 2) I bet Daniel is going to recover from Molly's death. Didn't they cast a pretty new assistant? I personally I think they are going to bring the classic Detty without the -etty for season 4. 3) I really don't care for Matt at all. I think he is not even the shadow of a lame love interest. After watching marvelous performance from Rodriguez and Gorham, Gold just... seems pale in comparison. I don't know how evil he's going to get but whatever... I hope he shows more emotion in screen or at least make viewers "care". Who am I fooling? I just want Gio back! Now that was intense! 4) As much as I loved it, I think they are not going to make Macchio a regular. So I don't think they are going to make Hilda have a wedding. :-( 5) Honestly I WISHED it was Connor. But I always wanted Willy/Connor to be the ultimate evil couple in the series. I don't know why the writers just can't write an evil Willy in-love. But I am seriously thinking it's Alexis or Fey Summers. I just hope it's not a complete new character. Silvio Horta says he had to downsize the cast members... but he just can´t stop creating new characters and hiring new actors. I think we are all been played by Horta. The show needs new producers... just saying.
AmandaKrups AmandaKrups 8 years
The series creator said Daniel and Betty will never end up together. I actually like it better that way. They have a special connection, yes, but it is more like best friends than lovers.
swimalexpur swimalexpur 8 years
Well, I hope they do they same as the original telenovela, give Betty a makeover and it's on with Daniel!!!!!!!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
My thoughts exactly cibele
cibele cibele 8 years
I think they are too afraid to put Daniel and Betty together. They are really coward to jump the shark or anything like that. But since the show moved to Fridays and is seriously in danger, I don't see why not. Take off Betty's braces, nobody wear 'em that long. They need a lot of improves in this show.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Yes, I'm all for Daniel and Betty, just like the original version! Also I hope they give Archie a bigger role. I could see him and Hilda as a very cute comedic couple with him being the straight man.
wolfjinx25 wolfjinx25 8 years
rossy, I was hoping for the same. I always thought Daniel & Betty has a special connection with each other. She's always there for him and vice versa.
rossy rossy 8 years
I admit my memory isn't that great. But I'm about 95% sure that Henry took Betty by surprise & KISSED HER when Matt showed up, assumed the wrong thing (Betty enjoying the kiss or instigating it) & will spend most of the new season showing WHY Betty will, in time, be glad that he has it all wrong... - Hopefully, it will lead to what I've always wanted to see happen: Daniel & Betty getting together due to the circumstances that seem to have brought them together - Her dumped & him widowed. They're my favorite couple; I also love love Hilda & Archie too.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I really hope they move Ugly Betty back to Thursday nights, because I'm afraid that the move to Fridays is going to kill the show :( Anyway, I can't wait until the show comes back! I wish Henry would come back on the show too, I miss him (even though I'm probably the only one). I hope Hilda and Archie get married this season, I really like him and she deserves to be happy.
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 8 years
McSquish - that's why I like him, too! Hooray for the Rodriguez family :D
cibele cibele 8 years
Betty kisses another guy and Matt is the one to blame :( He was always a good guy, always treated her with so much respect and love. I really hope they don't go down that road.
McSquish McSquish 8 years
I don't watch tv live any more because I have no cable (even with the digital converter box, I get nothing) so I watch it the next day online. I do think Hilda deserves something good and Archie is growing on me. Plus he has my last name, so that's cool ;)
wolfjinx25 wolfjinx25 8 years
I like Matt...he was hot. Betty screwed him over and turned him evil. :(
cibele cibele 8 years
Noooo, I like Matt. I don't him to be evil or anything like that :(
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