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FlashForward Breakdown, "Gimme Some Truth"

FlashForward Breakdown, "Gimme Some Truth"

This week's episode of FlashForward was a bit blah for me. The plot made a teeny bit of headway, but now that we're four episodes deep, I was hoping things would pick up a bit this week. Instead, the FBI agents head to DC to score funding for the Mosaic investigation — using any methods necessary.

There's still plenty to discuss, so to get going just


Flash backward: We do get a bit more insight into Stan Wedeck's life before LA. Apparently he lived in DC and was the right hand man to the guy who eventually becomes the president. When they meet again (in the Oval Office, no less), the president offers Stan a job as the Director of Homeland Security. Instead, Stan blackmails the president into providing the necessary funding for the Mosaic investigation.

Who's your daddy? A few weeks ago, that creepy Nazi Guyer implies that Janis is a lesbian, and it turns out to be true. Janis makes a connection with Maya, a chef she meets in karate class. Unfortunately their courtship is cut short when Maya "mosaics" Janis (it's even better than google stalking) and wants to know if the pregnancy means Janis swings both ways. Janis gets flustered and calls the whole thing off, but right now she's got bigger problems — at the end of the episode she gets shot just as Mark and Demetri do on the other side of the country. Now that my theory about Demetri being the baby daddy is out the window, what are your theories? It seems too easy to hope that she and Maya get back together and work something out, but I'm also afraid to consider a darker alternative, like rape.


Drowning in lies: Mark's alcoholism plays a big role in this week's episode. First, Olivia overhears Aaron advising that Mark attend a meeting, and later she reveals that Mark has a tendency to fall off the wagon when he's away from home. When Mark is put in the hot seat about his flashforward, he dances around the reason why his vision is a little fuzzy, and Senator Clemente uses his fumble as a reason why the Mosaic investigation doesn't deserve funding. Eventually Mark confesses to Stan that he's drunk in his flashforward, and someone tells Olivia like two minutes later. I'm glad Olivia finally knows and that it's out in the open a bit more, but who sold Mark down the river so quickly? And why? Was it someone who overheard the conversation or is one of Mark's fellow agents a rat?

Other major plot points:

  • The agents get another clue about the dead crows in Somalia when they discover a group of asphalt structures that were built just months before the 1990 blackout.
  • Now that the FBI agents are officially being targeted, how long can Demetri (and everyone else) avoid death?
  • What'd you think of this week's episode? Are you starting to waver in your love? Luckily, it seems like next week's episode may pick up, but for now, sound off in the comments!

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    zeze zeze 7 years
    That's a good theory Frances, is this just a hunch or are you basing it on some spoiler (which i hope ur not, since i hate spoilers). But looking at the pictures I'm not sure I see a real resemblance...the girl in Bryce's picture looked Asian to me.
    lccc lccc 7 years
    I thought the episode was excellent. Still hooked on this show.
    zeze zeze 7 years
    Oh and how dump is Mark's boss that he never asked why Mark's vision is no 2:17s? Seems like the first thing you would do is dissect that vision second by second...if these are the people protecting the country, we have issues. He went and put his job on the line out of his own stupidity, not out of too much trust for Mark.
    zeze zeze 7 years
    This episode was blah for me too. I wonder who sent Olivia the text, and also, how does that senator see herself as President when the President saw himself alive at that time beeing awakened by secret service. Maybe she was just sitting in his chair while he wa sin bed...hehe
    ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
    i agree - zoey saw 'someone' there on the beach but not for sure that it was him. i think that there's so much going on that sometimes they are trying to do too much. i guess that keeps you watching since each episode focuses on a few different folks. i still want to know about the kids and how they know each other and about a few other things. next week should be good though since dominic will be introduced as someone who 'knows what caused the blackout'. i'm still intrigued by the image of the guy in detroit at the stadium. i wonder what that was all about and who he is :)
    Entertainment Entertainment 7 years
    Katiefrog, I think it's still up in the air about Zoey's vision — but I'm think she's just assuming that he's there but didn't actually see him.
    Katiefrog Katiefrog 7 years
    I thought it was a good episode. I'm curious about Clemente's comment to Wedeck that if she could prove what he did with that woman or whatever, she would. I thought at first that woman and child were his dirty secret, so does Clemente also think so, or was she referring to knowing he helped the President cover it up? Also, I have a general question from a past episode. Demetri's fiance said she saw him in her flashforward, but when they showed moments from it, I didn't see him in it. Did she really see him there or was she just assuming since it was her wedding day that he was there?
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