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FlashForward Premiere Recap and Review

FlashForward Series Premiere Breakdown

So, did you guys catch FlashForward this week? Even though I had already seen the pilot (OK, I saw it twice), I still tuned in to refresh my memory. No surprises here — I caught a few nuances that I had missed the first time around, and I can already tell that this may be the kind of show that requires a second viewing. (This should be a familiar routine for all you Lost fans out there). Speaking of Lost, did anyone else notice the billboard for Oceanic airlines?

Even if you paid attention, it can be a bit confusing to keep track of who's who in new pilots, so I've broken it all down for you. Check it out and then let's discuss what you thought of the episode! To see what I thought, just


Mark Benford: Played by Joseph Fiennes, Mark is an FBI agent, loving husband and father, and alcoholic. He's immediately obsessed with getting to the bottom of what caused the flashforwards after viewing his own. He sees himself agonizing over the case and drinking from a flask. Mark knows that if he falls off the wagon, his wife Olivia will leave him, so it's not surprising that he's determined to do whatever he can to prevent his vision from becoming a reality. Biggest question for Mark: can he stop his flashforward from happening?


Olivia Benford: Played by Lost's Sonya Walger, Olivia is Mark's wife. She's a doctor with a cheeky sense of humor (which includes sending her husband faux insults via text and post-it). Olivia's flashforward is one of the more upsetting of the bunch: she sees herself with a man named Lloyd Simcoe. Later in the episode we learn that Lloyd is the father of one of Olivia's patients who is admitted to the hospital after the blackout. Biggest question for Olivia: does Mark drive her away, or does she become an unfaithful wife?

Bryce Varley: One of Olivia's fellow doctors, Bryce is contemplating suicide when the blackout occurs. After seeing his vision, he has a brand new outlook on life and heads back to the hospital rejuvenated. He considers his vision to be a gift from God. Biggest question for Bryce: is simply believing in happiness the only push he needed?

Nicole Kirby: First of all, I can't believe it took me three viewings to realize that Nicole is none other than Jane Sterling on Mad Men! (Seeing those actors out of their '60s garb can be really jarring.) Anyway, we don't know much about Nicole yet, just that she's a babysitter who was caught lying down on the job (get it?! Heh). Unlike Bryce, Nicole thinks the flashforwards aren't a gift from God, but a punishment. Biggest question for Nicole: what has she done that warrants a punishment?

Aaron Stark: Aaron's an electrician by trade, but he's also got a very important job as Mark's AA sponsor and friend. After two years, he's still grieving for his daughter Tracy, who died in the war in Afghanistan. Mark's flashforward is one of the most hopeful: he sees a reunion with his daughter, who is actually alive and well. Biggest question for Aaron: could his daughter really be alive?

Demetri Noh: Played by John Cho, Demetri is Mark's FBI partner. He's still relatively new to the job and seems more preoccupied with what song he'll be dancing to at his upcoming wedding. Demetri's vision is perhaps the most mysterious of all: he sees nothing. Biggest question for Demetri: is he going to be dead in six months?

Other general questions: How did Lloyd Simcoe's son know Olivia's name? What is up with that kangaroo? Was the blackout caused by a natural disaster, or is someone behind it all? What role will Dominic Monaghan play in all this? Who was that guy at the end and why is he walking around in Detroit? We've only scratched the surface, and now I'm dying to hear how you all felt about the series premiere!

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Join The Conversation
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 7 years
i'm convinced that the show is tied to lost (parallel lines between the island and la... the explosion of the hatch that caused the oceanic plane crash is the reason why there was a "flash" in la) but maybe it's just wishful thinking?!
Nitachequita Nitachequita 7 years
KKEsquire - Seth McFarlane took me completely out of the scene as well! Joseph was a little wooden, but his American accent is way better than his brother's. I'm so psyched to see Jack Davenport (and of course Lloyd's son knows Olivia by name if in her flash forward she knows Lloyd). I liked the first ep but I worry that I will tire of the premise fairly quickly.
Akasha Akasha 7 years
The one thing I didn't understand was the fact that everyone had a flash forward of the same time except the FBI agent who was having her pregnancy exam. To everyone else it was 10pm at night, but to she was having a OB GYN appointment in what appeared to be a doctors office not an ER. So did she have her flash at another time as everyone else or does she have a doctor that works nights? Also it didn't appear that she was in India or Japan or somewhere in between where that time would have made sense, but that could be the case. Maybe she was in Australia
zeze zeze 7 years
I liked it A LOT - it did remind me of Lost in a good way, not the copycat way, and I love the mystery and the video and the masks and gave me that same eerie feeling I got watching Lost sometimes (like the whole "we have to take the boy" scene) people in masks freak me out! I am really excited, I am sad Lost is on its way out and I fell for this show a bit, I can see it becoming a favorite, I just got the characters...except Demetri, who over-acts and bugs me. And Sonya must be good, I totally forgot she was Penny after the first 5min.
hexentanz hexentanz 7 years
Awesome show, cannot wait for the next episode!
JulieJean JulieJean 7 years
Interesting pilot, definitely has potential. One problem for me is that halfway through it I started getting a headache lol, maybe I was just trying too hard to get into it and notice everything. Never had this problem with Fringe, which some say is confusing.
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
I'm hooked already!
Allyace Allyace 7 years
I really liked it. I was watching the first 15 minutes and my husband was in the other room. I made him come in and I rewound it to make him watch! Like others have said, it did feel a lot like the Lost pilot but in a good way, not a copying way.
cibele cibele 7 years
I really liked. Good show! And I hope she cheats on her husband. I don't think a healthy, happy family is good for a show right away. I want relationships on a show to be built with time.
shafiii shafiii 7 years
i'm so sad i missed the sign! i thought the episode was pretty great. i was really captured by everything and i just kept wanting more. can't wait to see where everything goes!
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
I thought it was good and has much potential. I did notice the Oceanic sign; too cool!
glynislily glynislily 7 years
It felt a lot like the Lost pilot. Or maybe I felt like I did after watching it. I really think this show has potential and am interested to see where it is going to go.
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