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Will a Focus Group Kill "Gizzie"?

So when George and Izzie slept together on "Grey's Anatomy" — and then when it went beyond a drunken hookup to professions of love — I was a little less than thrilled ... if you can call screaming and throwing pillows in the general direction of my TV screen "a little less than thrilled." Now, rumor has it ABC is hearing the anguish over "Gizzie" direct from fans themselves: According to Michael Ausiello at TV Guide, the network did a "Grey's" focus group to ask 200-some fans about the pairing — and the results were 95 percent negative.

Now, I have no idea how seriously Shonda Rhimes and the powers-that-be at ABC take focus groups, and I'm not sure I believe Ausiello's anonymous source saying this means Gizzie is done — especially given his report that Lexie Grey, whom the focus group didn't like much either, will be a regular character. But I do think it's hilarious that the network presumably spent money to put this focus group together in the first place. I mean, if they wanted to see how people were reacting to the hookup, they could have just read the outraged comments on Buzz, or their own blog or, you know, any other site on the Internet.

To be fair, though, only a modest 70 percent of Buzz readers wanted Gizzie gone. Maybe we should do our own "Grey's" focus group, hm?

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emmalou1 emmalou1 10 years
As for me... I'm seriously NOT a fan of adultery (ick), but a HUGE fan of George and Izzie (their characters respectively, their characters' friendship, and the actors chemistry) and I'm cheering for their happily ever after (beit together or apart). As a fan of the show, it's cast, the writers, and producers, I trust that Shonda and Betsy will work out the storyline for Gizzie.
emmalou1 emmalou1 10 years
Do conduct your own Grey's focus group, BuzzSugar. That could be interesting.
Nicolas Nicolas 10 years
The George and Izzie fans are spamming the boards, LOL, and the haters are pure little saints who never spam any polls or pos under different ames? Yay, right! I still remember someone on Television without Pity encouraging all the members there to send multiple comments on the Grey Matter blog using different names so there would seem to be so much hate for the couple. But, I forgot, when George and Izzie win popularity polls or have many fans on a specific board, they are spamming or lying. But when they lose, it is legit and everyone hates the couple. And the fans bash the haters? I have been called everything from insane to stupid to immoral, to a brainless teenage girl twit for loving a TV couple, which is funny since I am a guy, and the George and Izzie fans are doing the bashing, hmm, ok. I love Geore and Izzie, have since the first time I saw them together when George yelled he wasn't her sister. I thought they would make a fabulous couple and I still do.
josebajm josebajm 10 years
Gizzie is the best that happen to the show and I hope Shonda doesn't dropped them. About the comment ohdreamon said, I don't agree with her. We don't spam sites and yes, we do talk about the haters but the haters also talk about us so I think we're being equal there.
ohdreamon ohdreamon 10 years
I certainly hope Gizzie is dropped. Many of the passionate Gizzie fans are spamming all over the place making it seem like there is lots of love for the couple. The Gizzie fans register under several different names so there seems to be lots of fans. Gizzie fans are so full of hate that they spend most of their time on Gizzie sites talking about the Gizzie haters. Too funny!!
GigiA GigiA 10 years
Izzie and George are my favorite couple on TV right now. They are sweet, they are cute, they are hot and they are totally in love. Best friends definitely make the best lovers, and I hope Shonda doesn't drop those two.
Megan6 Megan6 10 years
I hope Shonda does not abandon Izzie and George because of one panel most people didn't even know about. I heard about 200 people participated, yeah 200 people out of more than 20 millions viewers is such a great indication of what people feel. I love George and Izzie, and I know many other people who feel that way. TR and Katie have such amazing chemistry together. They just click. And George and Izzie are so in love, breaks my heart. I couldn't care less about Callie. That marriage was a mistake, and Callie should never have pushed a grieving George to elope like that. George and Izzie belong together and have since day 1. And if they think there is backlash to George and Izzie (who we call O'Stevens btw as the name Gizzie sucks), they don't want to know the backlash there is going to be if they are dropped like that after making us fall in love with them
Mem4 Mem4 10 years
I am a huge George and Izzie fan. In fact, they are the main reason my husband and I watch the show. You would be surprised just how many devoted, passionate fans those two have. As for the panel, none of the George and Izzie fans I know even knew about it. It was spammed by the TWOP haters. It is a miracle the hae was just 70% considering that TWOP hates George and Izzie so much. Pretty much everyone I know offline watch the show for those two. And the petition to save them has reached 450. Of course, petitions can be spammed, but there is a vote on those two, George and Izzie, asking how people feel about them. The love option has almost twice the votes of the hate option. nd you can only vote once, so you can't even accuse the George and Izzie fans of spamming it. A lot of people have also picked the They are growing on me option and the I love them but hate the adulter option. All in all, most people seem to like them than hate them. Too bad the critics never talk about the fans or do they hate them so much the are determined to act like we don't exist? I know if this couple ends, I don't see myself watching the show again
Mariem2 Mariem2 10 years
I adore George and Izzie, they are the only reason that I watch. All my family, friends, heck even a lot of my colleagues love those two and watch for them. Love how you guys talk about the outrage on the Internet over them, but no mention of all the fans they have too. There are 202 George and Izzie fans on Fanforum, we have the second most active thread after Meredith and Derek. There is also about 400 fans on their community on Livejournal, George and Izzie are the couple with the most fans out there, even more than Meredith and Derek. There are George and Izzie fan sites, tons of fan videos on Youtube, fanfics. And the Grey Matter blog, well, the love and hate is about 50-50, a lot of people have been writting Shonda to tell them how much they love tis couple and want them to last and saying they wouldn't watch without them. Maybe you guys have got to visit the Internet more and not just TWOP and its mini-me, ABC (and even on the ABC board, there are George and Izzie fans).
Hautie Hautie 10 years
How in the world did George become the boy-ho of the hospital? The weird, dorky, can't complete a sentence without stumbling boy... He has shagged everyone but Christine and Bailey. Well he did get a good look at Bailey's va-jay-jay. But still... how did George become the boy-ho who shagged every female in the place. That is what I have found so annoying... it is as if the writers either lost their minds or got blackmailed into this whole fiasco. I had really hoped George would not be returning this year. I want Callie to be there... but I really wanted them to write George off of the show. And for the record... if the writers want to have a believable boy-ho... that is what Mark/Dr. McSteamy is for... I would completely believe he could shag every female in the place. But I never bought into weird dorky George being a player.
hotmess hotmess 10 years
Lexie is permanent? Ugh!! So not into that!! The Gizzie thing I like though. Screw it, put them together properly, Callie has been pissin me off so much, cant be bothered with her anymore. I really think I'll only watch Adisons show next season.
Heather36782 Heather36782 10 years
Get rid of Gizzie. George is married. There is enough cheating on t.v.!
Hajduk5 Hajduk5 10 years
Get rid of the sister, Lexie Grey, and i will continue to be a loyal watcher. Let Grizze play itself out.
Pink_Lipstick Pink_Lipstick 10 years
I'll be really upset if they ditch the storyline just because some people don't like it. As writers, you have to stand up for your plot choices and not shy away because there are some people against it. People will watch the show anyway because at any given point, there is a storyline happening that someone doesn't like.
lisett lisett 10 years
lets hope.
janemast janemast 10 years
I don't really like them together, but it wouldn't make that much sense to just get rid of the storyline now since it's been building up for so long. I love Callie, but I think she needs to find a guy who's better for her.
maggietag maggietag 10 years
I am on the "Gizzie be gone" team. Definitely not a fan. Just doesn't seem to work.
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
the show has been kinda uninteresting since they started that whole thing.
helenette helenette 10 years
she's so gorgeous
haydee haydee 10 years
I dont like it. its better if they team up George with Lexie least he will finally get a Grey woman.
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
HATEhatehate George with Izzie! It makes me sick...
k-walla k-walla 10 years
UGH- I used to love love love Grey's Anatomy (esp. in the Denny-Izzie hayday) and it has gone so far down hill this season, this stupid Gizzie thing was really what "jumped the shark" though. Even the medical stories are not very good anymore!!
McSquish McSquish 10 years
I feel like George has changed a lot this season and I love them as best friends, but it seems that the George from season 1 would not hook up with Izzie, but the George from the past season would. I feel like they are two completely different Georges and I just don't like this new one. But I love Callie, just maybe not married to George.
Cadet Cadet 10 years
I seriously hope they give "Gizzie" the axe before it gets any more serious than it already has. I was also throwing pillows at my TV screen and screaming obscenities!
jenintx jenintx 10 years
even if they got rid of callie (which i hope they don't b/c i love sara ramirez) or even if there never was a callie, i would still be anti-gizzie! i'm feeling nauseous just thinking about it.
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