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Fool's Gold: One Treasure Map It'd Be Wise Not To Follow

Fool's Gold: One Treasure Map It'd Be Wise Not To Follow

Hey all, Buzz was kind enough to let me go see this movie for her and review it. I always get the good ones, wink.

About 45 minutes into Fool's Gold I found myself trying to think of clever titles for this review — Fool's Gold: That About Says It; Fool's Gold: Very Foolish, No Gold; Fool's Gold: At Least the Scenery Is Beautiful; Fool's Gold: Just Another Excuse for McConaughey to Be Shirtless — clearly not coming up with any winners. But that's about when I realized my biggest problem with the movie is that it bored me. I went in with both low and hopeful expectations; the trailer looked bad, but I enjoyed the Matthew McConaughey/Kate Hudson duo in How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. Sadly, I was disappointed by Fool's Gold not because it wasn't lofty enough — who wants that from a romantic comedy — but because it wasn't any fun.

The premise of the movie is this, Tess (Hudson) and Finn (McConaughey) are a couple on their way to divorce after a rocky eight years of having a happy bedroom life and unsuccessfully searching for a treasure under the sea. While waiting for the legal split, Tess is working on the very rich Nigel Honeycutt's (Donald Sutherland) boat where Finn finds his way to pitch his latest hairbrained (but ultimately endearing!) plot to find the booty. Of course, there are enemies — in this case two sets, a rich rapper and old-timer rival treasure hunter. To read the rest of my review just

That's really all you need to know, and to be honest even if you zone out for the convoluted history lesson about the fortune they're looking for . . . you know, not that I did . . .you'll still be able to figure it out. There is no reason why this movie is more than a 90-minute funfest, but it's almost two hours long. That's what the issue is with Fool's Gold: All the excess plot and unnecessary characters take away from the lighthearted romp that this movie belongs to be.

While it's marketed as a romantic comedy, it's really more an action flick. It's a bit violent, though mostly in a slapstick way (example, at one point there is a geyser of bloody water). Kate and Matt have only a few scenes together, so there's really no opportunity to get lost in their adorable and famous chemistry. Don't get me wrong, both Kate and Matt are good looking and bronzed into oblivion, but there's just nothing there, and no opportunity to even just enjoy the beautiful people. That being said, if you're looking to watch Matteo run around without his shirt on and the photos on Pop aren't enough, this may be the movie you're looking for.

There were still some redeeming moments, though few and far between. Alexis Dziena plays Gemmy Honeycutt, the idiotic daughter, pretty well. Kate Hudson's charm is hard to ignore. There's no way it won't make you want to run away to the beach ASAP. All of that will remain, however, when you catch this movie OnDemand in a few months, or later when it makes its TV debut. Until then, let's just hope Kate and Matt find another script to agree on so we can bask in the duo again. Sadly, this movie just isn't any precious gem.

To see the trailer and more clips from Fool's Gold check out

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