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Footage of Wreckage on Lost Not Part of the Finale

Lost Wreckage Footage Not Part of the Story — Does That Change Your Theory?

As the series finale of Lost was winding down the other night, I was still trying to make sense of Jack, the church, and the whole "moving on" situation when ABC threw me a curveball. As the end credits rolled, we see images of the island and the wreckage of Flight 815 — but without any sign of survivors. This immediately opened up a huge debate about what those images were set to mean (because up until the finale, we all believed that nothing on Lost is an accident). I even got into a heated debate with a friend of mine who believed that those images were proof that all the passengers on Flight 815 died in the crash, so there was no one to clean up the wreckage.

As it turns out, the images aren't part of the story at all. In fact, they were added in by ABC to "soften the transition" into late-night news. I know I've got one friend who will be reworking his interpretation of the ending, but does it change your own theory?

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