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The Fourth Kind Trailer: Scary or Silly?

For those of you who said you're more interested in a scary movie when it's said to be based on true events, it's likely you'll find the trailer for The Fourth Kind rather eerie. Milla Jovovich stars in this thriller about alien abductions, allegedly based on real archival footage of interviews with abductees and people who have seen aliens in one Alaskan town. The description continues: "Using never-before-seen archival footage that is integrated into the film, The Fourth Kind exposes the terrified revelations of multiple witnesses. Their accounts of being visited by alien figures all share disturbingly identical details, the validity of which is investigated throughout the film."

When I first started watching the trailer, I thought it would be one of those things that tries so hard to be scary it ends up seeming silly. But by the end of the trailer, I have to admit, I was totally spooked. Take a look at the video and tell me what you think.

angelinemarie angelinemarie 8 years
im intrigued
pargie pargie 8 years
I won't be seeing this, too scary! I love Milla though, I haven't seen any of her films other than 5th Element because they always involve zombies or creepiness.
nancita nancita 8 years
I must admit, I saw this before District 9 this weekend, and it was scawwwy!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
I was terrified before the preview was even over
buzzlightgirl buzzlightgirl 8 years
I saw this yesterday while watching District 9, and closed my eyes for most of it. "true" stories freak me out!!
oohsexypenguin oohsexypenguin 8 years
It definitely spooked me a little bit, and I'm a skeptic!
suzpuz suzpuz 8 years
I thought it looked pretty scary too! Kind of reminded of that movie, The Mothman Prophecies!
JCP0240 JCP0240 8 years
Wow this looks scary!
Suspiria Suspiria 8 years
Alien? :? It can't be good. I will watch it, but because I like Milla, not because it looks good. No, it is not scary, the idea is very silly.
emmebeth emmebeth 8 years
I am disappointed that I can find more info online about the real story.
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
blairwitch meets signs?! meh.
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