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Futurama's Voice Cast May Not Return For the New Episodes

Many of you were saying "yay!" to the news that Futurama would be returning for 26 all-new episodes. But what if the original cast doesn't come along for the revival?

Turns out Paula Abdul isn't the only star having contract negotiation problems these days: Talks have broken down between the original voice cast of Futurama and the 20th Century Fox TV studio about how much the actors should be paid for their work. Writes Variety:

The stars had all expressed interest in returning. But with the budget for Futurama dramatically slashed, the salary offers came in well below what the thesps were asking — believed to be around $75,000 per episode.

So, the studio has hired casting directors to start auditioning new Benders, Frys, and Leelas. That could just be a negotiating tactic — it's been used before for The Simpsons — but it could also really mean that the original actors don't return.


When I think about voice recasting, I always think about Disney's revival of the Nickelodeon cartoon Doug — I loved the original Doug, but it totally weirded me out to hear a different voice coming out of Doug's mouth. (Coincidentally, the original voice of Doug — Billy West — also voices Fry on Futurama!) If the original cast doesn't come along, would you still be excited for the new episodes of Futurama? Or, do you think that without them, the show isn't worth bringing back?


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