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Fox to Remake Absolutely Fabulous

Fox to Remake Absolutely Fabulous for the US

I imagine Edina and Patsy would have a few choice words to say about this.
Fox is looking to remake the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous. This new version of the comedy would be set in LA but attempt to retain the essential flavor of "the friendship of two boozy, over-40 best friends who are desperate to stay hip and youthful."

But . . . why?
Alas, that may be the question with no answer. It's not the first attempt at an Ab Fab remake, though: Oddly, Roseanne once wanted to do a remake with Carrie Fisher in one of the lead roles. And if you remember the 1995 CBS sitcom High Society (I don't), apparently it was in essence a US ripoff.

Are there any bright spots here?
Well, maybe. Arrested Development's Mitchell Hurwitz is involved as an executive producer. And the show's being done with the blessing of Jennifer Saunders, who created the British original (and played Edina) and will also produce this one.

Could this possibly work?
If you see any way this project could be absolutely fabulous and not positively reprehensible, please do tell in the comments.


Ekra Ekra 8 years
eeek - never mess with perfection! BUT - if jennifer saunders is producing it, i have no doubt it will still be fabulous. lets just hope she wont have to butcher it too much for an american audience.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that it's taking a HUGE GAMBLE that the show will translate well in the US. there's something to be said about british humor that doesn't quite make it over here in the US but i guess if they think that they can adapt it well, then let them try right? the show's been around for so long that maybe there's a chance that it could segue over to the states and gain a new audience. i feel like they are trying to do what the office did and i don't feel like it'll work.
otaku otaku 9 years
vinnie vinnie 9 years
i have a stomach ache
vinnie vinnie 9 years
How could they possibly do it right? It's a different era, different city (country for that matter), different sensibilities. British humor is so much more irreverant and cringe-worthy. Jennifer Saunders IS involved, but I don't know if her voice will be heard over the din of the American TV Market.
vitisva vitisva 9 years
I may just be happy for more Ab Fab But I'll be depressed if it's awful
lady-T lady-T 9 years
i agree with soapboxer... ....this will only end in tears. there is no WAY that they can remake a classic....there is no better Ab FAB than the original
serasvictoria serasvictoria 9 years
My head just exploded!
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I just noticed how many typos I had in that comment! :jawdrop: :oops:
asarwan asarwan 9 years
OMG. I LOVED THE SHOW. Um... i dont' know how i feel about this though. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON"T SCREW UP!
tiabia tiabia 9 years
this makes me EXTREMELY nervous!!!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
Jinx, I used to think the same thing! I don't see how you can rework something for a completely other audience or demographic- it just wont be the same no matter how you cut it. Why do they have to say its a re-do? Just don't mention that its that and people would have their own minds to make up based on the product. But when you say its a remake with a different cast, I immediately cringe. AKA 90210.
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I LOVED Ab Fab. I thought the show Cybill with Cybill Shepard show was a weak attempt at ABFAB. American television is always restyling Britsish television for their audiences, its nothing new. (in more ways than one!) :rotfl:
MissAntipodea MissAntipodea 9 years
No, no, no and no.
Allyace Allyace 9 years
I really think that the Office works b/c office humor just translates to anywhere you have a cubicle, but other shows that the US has tried to rip off just have not worked. Like the show Coupling... Bad idea.
Phorrest99 Phorrest99 9 years
It could possibly be good.. I mean, The Office is apparently a good remake (I dont actually watch it).. but Coupling sucked.. I loved Ab Fab, so hopefully they don't mess it up.. I guess we shall see! :)
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Oh dear God, no. Please no. Just no. What the hell's next, an update of Are You Being Served? set in an Abercrombie & Fitch?
Phil Phil 9 years
First off, I think this is friggin' blasphemy. But, the fact that Jennifer Saunders approves and Mitch Hurwitz is producing spells the possibility of something that could actually be good. I know for a fact Mitch Hurwitz could pull this off as he has the creation of the Lindsay (Lindsey?) Bluthe character who could very well have been a long lost sister of Patsy or Edie. Just as long as this doesn't get watered down to sh*t it could be fine. Not much of a chance of that happening with the FCC's bowdleresque policies, and the PTC being in existence for the sole purpose of restoring puritan tradition.
Soapboxer Soapboxer 9 years
Americans cannot do British comedy. Did we learn nothing from Coupling?
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Oh great, another remake of a classic... :oy:
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 9 years
I'm willing to check it out since Mitchell Hurwitz is involved.
CocoChic CocoChic 9 years
Of all the shows to remake they had to choose AbFab?! (must add that to my Christmas list) Just watch the Real Housewives of any town and you have the show Fox is proposing. :oy:
Deidre Deidre 9 years
They'd be much better off just showing reruns of the first!
Deidre Deidre 9 years
Kalliefornia Kalliefornia 9 years
Sigh...couldn't they let AbFab rest in peace?? No way american tv is going to let them be drunk, use drugs, and chain smoke on screen. That's not what made abfab so fab, but it was part of the characters and shenanigans they got into...
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