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Frankenweenie DVD Release Date

What to Rent: New DVDs This Week

In addition to the following DVDs, Dredd 3D is also available this week.


Director Tim Burton makes a triumphant return to animation with Frankenweenie, the story of a young boy and his beloved pet — with a twist. Victor loves Sparky more than anything, and when Sparky passes away, budding scientist Victor miraculously brings a strangely altered version of the pup back to life, much to the horrified surprise of Victor's relatives and peers. The heartwarming tale is perfect for Burton-loving parents to share with their kids. The DVD copy incudes a music video and a Frankenweenie touring exhibit.


House at the End of the Street

Jennifer Lawrence headlines House at the End of the Street, a jumpy but underwhelming horror-thriller. Elissa (Lawrence) has just moved to a new town with her mother, Sarah (Elisabeth Shue). The two share a rocky relationship, and when her mother expresses concern over Elissa's getting close with the boy next door (Max Thieriot), it only draws Elissa closer to him. Sarah has reason to be suspicious: the boy's parents were murdered in cold blood by his sister. The film has some great twists, but it's bogged down by a slow start and a lame main character. The DVD comes with an unrated version.


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Hit and Run

Annie (Kristen Bell) and Charlie (Dax Shepard) are blissfully in love and enjoying life in the country, until Annie gets recommended for a job in the city. This wouldn't be a problem, except Charlie is in the witness protection program. He reluctantly agrees to accompany her to Los Angeles for her interview, knowing his presence will put him back on the radar of the partner he betrayed (Bradley Cooper). Bell and Shepard are adorable together, but the car chases go on way too long, and some of the comedy is over-the-top goofy. Deleted scenes come with the DVD.



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