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Friday Night Lights Ends Tonight: Share Your Favorite Show Moments

Harry Potter isn't the only thing that's ending; Friday Night Lights is on its way out too, with its series finale airing tonight on NBC. Poetically, it finally nabbed that Emmy nomination for best drama series this week, but what I think is more meaningful is how passionate viewers of the show are. FNL's fan base is a devoted one, so to send the show off, I want to hear from you guys: what are your favorite moments and memories from Friday Night Lights?

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pss pss 6 years
What makes this show so amazing: all thoses scenes that show that no cheesy dialogues are needed to make quality and real television. All those scenes that just need great acting and fantastic shooting. I am going to miss so many, but still, my favourite moments: 1. The last scene with Matt and Julie in 3.06. What a perfect way to tell the loss of a virginity with no words and, even more important, not even a sex scene. The looks between Matt and Julie in the car are SUPERB (perfect chemistry between Aimee and Zach). The smile of Julie looking at herself in the mirror looking for the "something different" after it is simply amazing. 2. Every scene of "The son" are (and I am already running out of positive adjectives) priceless, a huge lesson of how to make credible tv. - The last scene is one of my favourites: Matt's bloody hands burying his dad. -Julie's faces every time she looks at Matt, showing how desperate she is due to don't matter how hard she tries, she can't help Matt. -Coach hugging her little girl and saying "I'm not going anywhere" -Matt face at the moment looking into his faceless dad coffin (Zach's face looking into an empty coffin) -And of course the Matt and Coach's scene after Matt's break down at the Taylor's. Any other show would take the chance of a cheesy speech about how unfair life is but here there is just a "I walk you home" Perfection. 3. Tim sighing in tears when he sees Street having his dreams. 4. Smash telling his mum he got in. 6. Every scene of Tami and Eric, even the fights. Best tv marriage ever. 7.Tami's tall with Julie about sex in "I think we should have sex" So well written. 8. Coach's speeches. 9. The goodbyes to the main teen characters. People leaves Dillon and they don't die like it seems to happen in the rest of the shows. They come back or at least we hear about them sometimes. And "Always" is just the perfect end to one of the best tv series of this decade. Not everyone has a happy ending, not everyone has even an ending. The Emmy nominations came too late, but better late than never. I guess.
spaa649 spaa649 6 years
I agree with liz313, I loved the scene with Riggins and Street, and I thought the finale wrapped everything up nicely. I will really miss this show!!
LisaLou05 LisaLou05 6 years
I loved the mud bowl- when Tim has to walk home in the rain. That just sticks with me. or when Coach pushes Matt in the shower and Matt asks why everyone always leaves him... so many I could go on and on
Cupcake0110 Cupcake0110 6 years
I agree liz313, Riggins and Street in NY was an amazing episode! Texas forever! Can't believe it's over ;'(
liz313 liz313 6 years
Two scenes that have stuck out to me and make me cry despite the fact I have watched them a thousand times are: Smash getting into college and telling his mom and they reactions they all share. The other is when Riggins is saying good bye to Street in the New York episode. Guys crying get me every time. And really any scene with Riggins and Lyla when they are dating, such a precious relationship.
jannam jannam 6 years
can't pick a favorite.. but i love the finale =)
clara91 clara91 6 years
The pilot was on TV the other day and Street's accident hit me much harder than when I originally watched it. That was a powerful moment that really set the tone for the entire series. Also, the episode where Matt's dad dies. Zach Gilford is just fantastic. The scene where Julie's crying in Eric's arms and he says "I'm not going anywhere" or something to that effect. Gets me every time. I've already seen the finale and it's really good. Really satisfying for long time fans I think.
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