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Could Friday Night Lights Get Renewed for Two Seasons?

I've been loving this season of Friday Night Lights, and I think the show is only getting better with age. So my heart skipped a beat this morning when I read this report that NBC and DirecTV are apparently talking about renewing their unique partnership for keeping the show on the air. And there's a twist: If the deal being discussed goes through, it would be for two more seasons of FNL.

DirecTV and NBC didn't comment for the story, but it's the second positive sign this week that more FNL could be on the way. DirecTV was happy enough with the way things went the first year that it wants to do more deals like it, and showrunner Jason Katims felt good about the experiment. And while FNL isn't breaking any ratings records, it's doing OK on NBC, drawing between 3.8 and 4.2 million viewers for recent episodes and even occasionally beating Dollhouse. Maybe we won't even need those mini-footballs this year!

Things are obviously far from certain, but let's mull it over. Most of the main Panthers we've known since the start of the show have either graduated (Smash, Street) or are seniors (Riggins, Matt, Lyla, Tyra). That could mean the cast looks different for a potential season four, though Landry, Julie, and of course the Taylors would still be around. JD McCoy could be an appealing lead character — and he's just a freshman — and some of the old guard could get sendoff stories like the show did so well this year with Street and with Smash. I think there's enough material to keep things going in Dillon for at least another year or two, but what about you?

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Join The Conversation
lilypad-44 lilypad-44 8 years
Anything a loyal watcher can do to expedite the extension? One of the best shows on tv.
StateDOG StateDOG 8 years
FNL is the best show on television. I'm glad to see it's about to be renewed for two more seasons. I just started a podcast for it as well. Is it okay if I tell anyone about it on here? Someone let me know
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I hope they get two more seasons. I agree though they can't have the show without Riggins!
Miss-Shapes Miss-Shapes 8 years
OMG!!! Best news ever. Oh yeah. Bring. It. ON!!
spacebear spacebear 8 years
i cant imagine a riggins in college spin off - that would be hilarious. but yay for FNL i hope it does come back they will just need some more interesting characters other than jd mccoy
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
riggins can only go to college IF he gets his own spin off :kiss:
ktc71 ktc71 8 years
YES!!! This would be so great!
poptraveler poptraveler 8 years
I'm so excited, i hope it works out! But I agree that Tim Riggins definitely needs to stick around, it just wouldn't be the same without him!!!
care0531 care0531 8 years
This is awesome news! I agree with BuzzSugar that they will have to keep Riggins around. The ladies love them some Tim Riggins!
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
Best news of the day :)
katec927 katec927 8 years
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
You know, of all of them, Riggins is one I could see them finding a way to keep around Dillon — but I want the poor guy to go to college, too!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
This would be wonderful! Go Panthers!!
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
I would love this to happen, but I would miss the old guard. No more Riggins??? The thought is heartbreaking!
suzpuz suzpuz 8 years
o my goodness i hope this happens!!!!!!!!
JCP0240 JCP0240 8 years
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