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Friday Night Lights Fans Send Footballs to NBC

FNL Fans Have a Special Delivery for NBC

Hey, NBC: Hope you can use some miniature footballs. Like, 6,250 of them. That's what's in those boxes in the picture above, and they're coming NBC's way this week, thanks to fans of Friday Night Lights who want to keep the show on the air.

A while back, I told you about a bunch of fan campaigns to convince NBC to renew the acclaimed but low-rated show for a third season. Though one effort, the Best Week Ever petition, seems to have gone belly-up (possibly due to corporate shenanigans), the folks at Save Friday Night Lights are trucking right along. As of Wednesday night, they'd raised a total of of almost $13,500 to send more than 16,000 customized mini-footballs to send to NBC. They're also raising money for various charities and for DVD sets — both for troops stationed overseas and for network executives at the channels that are reportedly considering sharing the show with NBC.

Will this campaign have Jericho-style traction and create enough ruckus to get the show another season? Only time — and several more pallets of mini-footballs — will tell, but as a fan, I'm encouraged by how well this campaign is doing. Plus, I can't wait to see what NBC does with the footballs. CBS is still trying to get rid of those peanuts.

Photos courtesy of NBC and Source

Join The Conversation
Pinki20 Pinki20 9 years
I got hooked when I started watching it. Please do not turn the lights out on Friday Nights.
lesley1216 lesley1216 9 years
Wow, that is so great. I love FNL but I didn't know about this campaign!
gotfire55 gotfire55 9 years
Wow! $13,500 is a lot of money. I hope the campaign works. I would love to see more FNL episodes!
piper23 piper23 9 years
I love FNL - if they cancel it I will never watch tv again. Ok, that's a bit of a stretch but I will be devestated.
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
This is great, i hope it helps. Please don't cancel FNL!
em113 em113 9 years
Thanks for posting this. This campaign started in the Watch with Kristin board at E! and the people involved have worked so hard orchestrating everything, creating websites, contacting distributers collecting money etc. etc. They deserve big props! (I'm not one of them, just a board regular). I really hope this campaign works because I cannot handle like without FNL!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Great news about this campaign. FNL just can't disappear! We'll keep those footballs flying!
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