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Friday Night Lights Recap: Episode 10, "There Goes the Neighborhood"

Friday Night Lights Rundown: Episode 10, "There Goes the Neighborhood"

Wow, did I go on a rant during the first commercial break of the most recent Friday Night Lights. First a murder plot, now a horribly fake CGI tornado? What was this show coming to?

But this time, I needn't have worried. Yes, the tornado was pretty awful — but it set up a story that put football front and center at last. The rest of the episode outweighed the cheesiness of the setup, so to talk about it (spoilers and all) just


I think I love Friday Night Lights best when Eric Taylor gets to be Coach Taylor, and he was all Coach in this episode. Having a rival at his school was a test of character, and no matter how much Coach told his guys to respect their rivals, things were bound to get messy. (Literally messy, in this case, with shaving cream and food fights and even pee-soaked towels — ew.) Coach tried to set an example, to put his rival in his place while still being civil — but every so often, even Eric Taylor needs to throw someone up against a wall and tell him what's what. Did anyone else literally pump their fist at the TV?

Speaking of close quarters: Riggins living in the Taylors' garage was probably too perfect a setup to last for long, but I love the way it shook up the family and picked on Shelly and Tami's insecurities. Riggins brought their issues to the forefront — Shelly ogling him, Tami accusing her of flirting, Shelly calling Tami on treating her like a child, and so on. Tami telling Shelly it's no wonder she's single is probably the most hurtful thing she could have said; likewise, Shelly spitting back that Gracie's doctor says hello got to the heart of Tami's fears about work and family.

And Julie's part in it was no less brilliant. I'm a little surprised Julie and Riggins ended up at the same party, but hey. How tragic that Riggins stepped up in a big way, slapping Julie's drunken suitor down, just before getting caught hovering over Julie in what appeared to be a compromising situation. Granted, when you're putting Coach's 16-year-old daughter to bed, no amount of "it's not what it looks like" can save you. But Riggins was anything but provocative there; he was downright brotherly.

The tornado's aftermath swept up Tyra and Landry, too — and while I liked their storyline, it also bugged me. Landry has always thought he's tougher than he is, so I wasn't surprised to see him taking on Tyra's suitor. I also wasn't surprised to find Tyra struggling to figure out Landry's place in her life right now; she no longer needs him, and it's true that normally, a guy like him wouldn't be seen with a girl like her. My problem: The murder is practically a non issue now. How would there be gossip about Landry and Tyra being together without any chatter about how, oh, you know, Landry killed a guy, possibly for her? Nothing in this episode seemed like it needed the murder plot to set it up.

Some other thoughts:

  • Buddy Garrity: Worst salesman ever? His "I love you" pitch to Pam was an honest try, but I think he's going to have to accept that he lost his wife to some tofu-eating hippie.
  • Best line of the night: Either Lois's "What does he smell like?" or Coach's "I want lasagna."
  • So Matt and Carlotta are still together. Yawn.

What did you think about "There Goes the Neighborhood"?


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daddio49 daddio49 9 years
Did anyone else laugh out loud when Landry started that fight and Tyra grabbed the long-haired guy from the other team by the hair and push him against the wall?
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
we were at my dads and i made my dad and dh watch this show with me. they are both hooked now and dh is watching old episodes on the computer even as we speak, haha! they both loved coach being coach. riggins is so freaking hot when he's good. i predict a julie taylor crush on riggins. matt with the in home care services employee is kind of yuck. hope it doesn't turn into a pregnancy story line. he still loves julie, did you see his look back at her when julie and riggins left the burger joint? :kiss:
nomerz nomerz 9 years
I too, am disappointed in Matt. I love him, still do, but he has no storyline this season, unless it involves hooking up with random girls. Ugh. I miss him and his grandma, they made last season really endearing. What about Jason also? And for that matter, Lyla? She was in this episode for all of five minutes. It's like they don't know what to do with some of them anymore... still is by far my favorite show. :)
fadedblue fadedblue 9 years
Tim Riggins can never get a break! But I guess that's what makes him Tim Riggins. He was pretty awesome in this episode though, going from cute, twinkle in his eyes Tim to smoldering anger Tim and sad, disappointed Tim. Quite excellent. Does anyone else also wonder why they've turned one of the most likeable characters on this show into one of the worst this season? Seriously, Matt Saracen was the loveable heart and now he's just the boring, horny teenager sleeping with the live-in nurse, which still gives me the heebie jeebies.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Great recap, Buzz! To have FNL back was wonderful. I, too, was worried about the tornado, but they used it well to set up all the other struggles in this episode. Tami, Shelly and Eric were brilliant, as was Tim Riggins. He just can't get that break that he needs. I'm not sure where the Tyra/Landry storyline is headed. Perhaps Tyra is distancing herself from Landry because of his dad; perhaps she can't break free of the negative image that she seems to accept for herself. Landry believes in her--and in them--so much. I hate to see him hurt. And, what's happened to Matt? He used to be my very favorite character, but now I find him annoying at best. Looking forward, as always, to the next episodes; FNL remains the best show on network tv.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Yay for there being a whole lot of Tim Riggins in this episode. The one that bugged me though was that no one in movies/tv ever actually hears anyone out after the line "this isn't what it looks like?"
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 9 years
I know I watched it, but I don't remember much of it with out your breakdown. This remains one of my favorite shows though - I think it's brilliant. I'm not fond of Matt and Carlotta together either.
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
I loved this episode. I so wanted to be Julie during the tornado when Tim was holding her! I liked how Coach Taylor stood up for Tim during the fight, but i felt so bad for Tim when he got kicked out of the house i was so upset. I know it's a only a show but it bummed me out, it was good for him living there hopefully he can explain what happened although it doesn't look that way from next weeks previews. Poor Buddy! I actually felt sort of bad for him. The Landry/Tyra thing is bothering me. She really likes him, is she still staying away because of his dad? and if she is she should explain that to him, he deserves better.
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