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"Friday Night Lights" Recap: Episode 11, "Nevermind"

"Friday Night Lights" Recap: Episode 11, "Nevermind"

First of all, here's some good news: NBC still has all the full episodes of "Friday Night Lights" online, including last night's. So if you missed it over the holidays or forgot the show had moved to Wednesdays, here's a chance to catch up.

And you'll want to catch up, because "Nevermind" is a doozy: Lyla and Jason get back together, Matt's dad comes home from Iraq, and Coach Taylor gets an offer from the University of Texas — right before his current quarterback almost loses the Panthers' big game.

We start with Jason wheeling himself down to the record store, where he runs into Lyla for maybe the first time since he showed up at her cheerleading competition. They flirt adorably and end up back at Jason's, where they have super-clumsy attempted sex. It ends when Jason realizes he's not completely sure how his paralyzed body, uh, works.

Over at Matt's, Grandma babbles about Matt's dad being home, and he keeps reminding her that dad is in Iraq — until he looks outside. It turns out his dad has gotten a two-week leave and is home to help straighten out things with Grandma's care.

At school, Riggins gets called into Tami's office, because his teachers are worried he'll fail his midterms. He protests that they're two games away from the playoffs, and if he fails, he can't play football. Tami decides to find him an English tutor: Landry, Matt's geeky best friend.

To see what happens from there,

Jason meets up with Herc, his roommate from the rehab facility, and asks him how to have sex. Herc replies: "Oh my goodness, my boy's growin' up." Herc tells Jason that sex — like everything else — is different than it was before the accident. Back at Jason's, Lyla brings over "dirty, dirty, dirty quad porn," a.k.a. instructional sex tapes clearly made in the 1980s and featuring a man with a really bad mustache. Unsurprisingly, that doesn't work.

Matt introduces his dad to Coach Taylor, and his dad proves to be a total jerk by saying things like "I didn't know he had it in him." Later, after Grandma accidentally starts a kitchen fire, Matt and his dad meet with a woman to talk about care. Grandma can't go to a nursing home if she's Matt's legal guardian, and the woman tells Matt's dad he could probably get out of his military service. He says that's not an option because there's still so much to do in Iraq, and Matt looks crushed. Later, Matt's dad tells him that he found a home for Grandma, and Matt can go live with his aunt in Oklahoma.

Coach Taylor and Tami fight about her decision to interfere in Riggins' education, but they're interrupted by a phone call from an assistant coach at the University of Texas, asking if Coach might consider being their quarterbacks coach next year.

Landry reads Of Mice and Men to Riggins, and Riggins seems to get it, but he can't figure out what to say in his oral report. Landry tells him it's a story about two best friends whose dream gets shattered, and surely there's something in there Riggins can relate to. Oh, like maybe your best friend gets paralyzed, and you sleep with his girlfriend, so now he hates you? Yeah. Riggins ends up getting a B-minus, and he thanks Landry by being one of the only people to show up at the club where Landry's new, and totally awful, band Crucifictorious (!) is playing.

Lyla sneaks in through Jason's bedroom window and tells him that she doesn't want their relationship to end with the quad porn. She says she loves him, and Jason responds, "I know."

Matt plays horribly in the football game and ends up getting benched while the backup quarterback wins the game for the Panthers. In the parking lot, Matt yells at his dad for wanting to send him to Oklahoma and tells him to just go back to Iraq — "things worked out a lot better when you were there." Matt goes home with the Taylors, where he tells Coach about Oklahoma. Coach tells Matt he'll try to work something out with Matt's dad. "I hate my dad," Matt says. "Don't make that mistake," Coach replies. He drives Matt home, where he sees his dad very sweetly putting Grandma to bed.


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