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"Friday Night Lights" Recap: Episode 21, "Best Laid Plans"

"Friday Night Lights" Recap: Episode 21, "Best Laid Plans"

A terrible thought kept dogging me all through this episode of "Friday Night Lights": What if this is the next-to-last time I get to watch Matt and Jason and Lyla and stupid Buddy Garrity and, most of all, the Taylors? I watch a lot of TV, and I really can't say I've ever been more attached to a series. If you agree, vote in Kristin's poll, visit Fight for Lights, and do whatever else you can think of to keep this show on the air.

Now, onto business.

It's the morning before Coach is scheduled to visit TMU, and Tami wakes up with a bad feeling about moving. She asks him not to commit to anything. Speaking of not committing, Riggins and Jackie are in bed together when Bo starts knocking on the door, so Tim sneaks out through the bedroom window. For the rest of the details,

Coach tours the TMU stadium — is that a real stadium? If so, it's got an awesome view — and the staff tells him he has to decide now, so he takes the job. Meanwhile, Landry checks up on Tyra, who hasn't been to school since the assault. She orders him not to tell anyone, but Landry goes to Matt for advice, and Matt tells him he has to talk to someone.

The team is having a roast before they head to Dallas for the state championship, and Waverly tells Smash the event would be too stressful, so she's not going. She offers him a two-week reprieve — he can party while he's at state, and she won't hold it against him. Jason, meanwhile, runs into tattoo-girl Suzy (who's conveniently in town), and they make plans.

Coach explains to a not-thrilled Tami that he had to either accept the job or lose it, and they tell Julie, who immediately heads to Matt's. Between this and Landry, that's a lot of secrets for him to process. Jason and Coach, meanwhile, tell Matt he's nowhere near ready for the big game, so he's to do everything Jason says for the next week, no resting on his laurels (Coach: "Not a damn laurel").

Landry goes to Tami about the assault, and she thinks he's telling one of those "my friend" stories about himself, so he confesses he's talking about Tyra. They drive to Tyra's and take her to the police station. Tyra later tells Landry he’s just a "pathetic, smelly geek" who should never talk to her again.

Tami tells Coach she's been thinking that maybe she and Julie could stay in Dillon until Julie graduates; Julie could finish school and Tami could keep working with the kids. Coach says that's not a commute, that's a separation. Tami says they have a mature relationship that can handle it, and Coach says he's not mature; he can't handle it.

Riggins asks Jackie about dinner, and Jackie says no more dinners; she doesn't want Bo to get hurt. At the Garritys, Pam and Buddy tell the kids they're getting a divorce, and Lyla walks out and heads for Jason's, just in time to see him making out with Suzy. She throws her ring at him and storms off. Riggins asks Tyra to go to the roast with him, as friends.

The roast is supposed to be joyful, but the news that Coach is leaving keeps threatening to spill out. Buddy steals one of Smash's jokes, and Tim tries the line "How 'bout Saracen sleeping with Coach's daughter?" Awkward! Then it's Tami's turn, and she starts talking about all the things Coach has given her (quiet evenings alone with him yelling "go for 2!", etc.) Seriously, she says, Eric Taylor is a kind and decent man, and she wants everyone to know how deeply they've touched her family. Sob.

Tyra apologizes to Landry, saying she was just feeling burned. Landry goes completely nuts when he sees Riggins and tells Tyra that she should be with a guy who will show up sober and respect her opinions. Some girls invite Smash out, but he takes a piece of cake to Waverly instead. Jason tries to apologize to Lyla, but she tells him they should both just move on. Coach tells Tami he has a feeling Austin is going to be good to their family. Tami: "I know. But baby, I'm not going to Austin."

Next week: The Taylors are having a baby!? The Panthers are in the championship! I probably cry a lot!

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lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
tim riggins is so cute! i love this show and actually sent an email to the network saying why i liked it and that i hoped they would renew it. if this is the only season i wish they would do a movie next season to sort of tie things up. it would be fun if the movie took place 10 years in the future and you got to see who ended up with who and how the kids turned out. of course in my mind matt and julie are married, buddy is married to tyra's mom who sobered up and makes buddy fly right and tyra marries landry who is already mayor of dillon. go panthers!
Nan-Einhart Nan-Einhart 10 years
This is really such a good series. I watched a rerun this morning and thought "Yeah, this is way too good to be renewed." Such a shame.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
As always, great recap, Buzz! I'll be right there crying with you--especially if FNL isn't renewed for season two. The interactions between Tami, Eric and Julie Taylor are so honest and real; each week, I've been more impressed with how well acted their scenes are. The door slamming--first Julie then Eric--made me laugh. Riggins really was a dumb jock last night, but his speech was true to character; he tries to overcome his weaknesses, but seems to take two steps forward and three back. His relationship with Bo, though, is sweet. I felt so awful when Tyra unloaded on Landy, but was encouraged at the end when she seemed, finally, to understand that he likes her for who she is. Hopefully, she can learn to value herself as much as he values her. And, hopefully, the network will give us at least one more season of FNL.
Luxifer Luxifer 10 years
I love that Riggins line at the roast. How the heck did he think that would be funny? Love a good, dumb jock.
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