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Friday Night Lights Recap: Episode Six, "It Ain't Easy Being JD McCoy"

Friday Night Lights Rundown: Episode Six, "It Ain't Easy Being JD McCoy"

In this week's Friday Night Lights, JD McCoy officially takes over the Panthers and gets a little christening, Tim Riggins-style, in his new leadership role. Tyra (finally) starts to doubt Cash after a woman shows up at her house with some disturbing information, and Matt and Julie share a moment at the grocery store that becomes an even bigger moment by the lake. Vague enough for you? I've got all the details when you


OK, I kind of love JD McCoy now. The writers have done such a careful job constructing him — is he a snob? or just sheltered? — and now we have our answer: Dude is awkward. He handles himself OK with adults (his line to his mom about having already proposed to a couple of cheerleaders was funny), but with his peers, he doesn't fit in — and he knows it. He knows that Riggins was put up to taking him on a tour of Dillon (or, more specifically, Dillon's shadiest scenes: "Lisa lives down this road. You'll know"). But when he gets to the party, still in his suit from the school dance, he decides to live like a Panther, and that means drinking his first (and second, and third) beers and babbling to Riggins that he's "like, the last American dude." I wish we could have seen Joe McCoy discover JD either drunk or hung over, but nonetheless, his forced apology to Coach made me both laugh and really feel for the kid.

Meanwhile, with JD in the spotlight, Matt's adjusting to riding the bench. Grandma's not having any of it, though, and so when she and Coach meet in the grocery store, Lorraine gives him a talking-to. That gives Matt and Julie a chance to sneak away and be cute, which leads to Matt proposing a trip to the lake. They're so sweet there, splashing around and debating veggie hot dogs vs. the real deal, and Matt finally works out some of his feelings about his demotion: It sucks to be fired, but it also is nice to be able to wake up on a Saturday and not worry about what he did wrong. And just when it feels like they're going to head home, something else happens, and it's nothing like the awkward deer incident from season one. I love Julie coming home and looking at herself in the mirror, wondering if she's changed in any obvious ways.

Julie also has some great moments with Tyra, who's finally realizing Cash might be bad news. If the "cowboy candy" wasn't hint enough, how about the woman who shows up at Tyra's demanding Cash come out and pay child support? Tyra decides that's it — money for college applications or not — and breaks up with him . . . but then totally takes him back when he promises he'll never lie to her. Suuuure.

Some other thoughts:

  • There's not a ton of Jason in this episode, but he gets the sweetest moment, singing to his son — both the boy and the girl verses! — while Erin's headed east. Jason freaks out that he'll end up being unable to support his little family, but Coach settles him down: Jason Street is never going to be a deadbeat dad.
  • The whole subplot with Landry's band tryouts made me giggle, and Devin is a cutie!
  • Of all the awkward JD moments in this episode, this one might be my favorite: Someone asks JD if he's ready for another midnight run, and JD responds, sincerely, "No, I did my workout earlier this morning."
  • Tyra's mom in the wedding shop: "Doesn't she look like an angel?" Tyra: "Mindy, I love you, but I can see your crack."

On a scale of one to 10, how naive is Tyra being? Are you happy at the turn things are taking with Julie and Matt? And is JD growing on anyone else?

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Miss-Shapes Miss-Shapes 8 years
Gotta admit that I am coming to like JD a lot. A huge part of me was intent on hating him because of his awful father and the fact that he stole my QB's spot on the team! But things aren’t as simple as they look - this kid has got a raw deal as well, with a father like that. And his awkwardness around his team is just so adorable. He's actually a good kid whose entire life has been molded for him.
sweetrae80 sweetrae80 8 years
The wedding dress scene was really funny. Those wings were awful. I wish that Tyra would just get over her "bad boy" thing, but when you look at her mom and sister you know she is just a product of her environment. And, as always, Tim Riggins was the hottest person ever! Did anyone see the preview for next week...about Devin? It is really funny, in case you haven't seen it. All I can say is poor Landry!!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
I know that I say this every week, but this show just keeps getting better and better. Matt is always a star, Landry always makes me smile, the dialogue and pacing are always perfect. I loved the wedding dress scene, Eric's talk with Jason, Jason's singing to his son, Landry's garage band auditions, Matt and Julie at the lake, Grandma giving Coach a piece of her mind, Tim's Dillon tour, and JD struggling to fit in. His overbearing, overprotective parents can't even begin to imagine what impact they are having on him as they live their lives vicariously through him. Thank goodness for mentors like Coach and Tami Taylor. If only Tyra would listen to her instincts and to Tami, all would be so much better for her. Maybe she's afraid to really let go of Dillon since this is what she knows, but I certainly hope she doesn't squander her potential by listening to Cash and more of his lies. This has been a great third season for a show that just wins my heart each week.
shanap123 shanap123 8 years
I adored this episode. It felt like a true return to form for Friday Night Lights. I'm excited to see what happens with JD, and I've finally stopped hating Julie (it only took three years!). The mirror moment was truly fantastic—as were Jason's singing, the band tryouts, and the wedding dress, but for completely different reasons. That's how great of a show this is.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I also love how Tyra's mom then responds "but just a little bit," like there is somehow a tasteful amount of crack to have at a wedding. I know that Cash sounded all sincere when he was explaining himself to Tyra, but I still don't trust the guy. I just feel like he's bad news somehow. I feel bad for little awkward JD. He's so painfully unsocialized around everyone but his parents. Hopefully Riggins can help him loosen up a bit.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
Loved this episode. I feel for JD. Alot of parents put pressure on their athlete kids like Mr. McCoy does and it makes for some unhealthy parent-child relationships. I'm so glad Matt and Julie got back together and the scenes at the lake were so high school and so Texas. Tim as always made me laugh and it was sweet how he told JD that Lyla was a special one. I loved how Lorraine reemed out Coach. The wedding dress scene was hilarious. I could watch this show all day everyday.
Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I also felt bad for JD, his dad should have let him hang out with the team after the game. The wedding dress with the crack showing cracked me up. I love this show!
JCP0240 JCP0240 8 years
I loved this episode! I loved that Matt and Julie are back together! :) That whole lake scene was just adorable. I also loved seeing the band auditions too, Landry always makes me laugh. Riggins "tour" of Dillon was also great, and I am starting to actually feel bad for JD McCoy. Wow is he sheltered. The way his dad came in to the locker room after the game and told JD that their family was going to celebrate at Appelbees instead of w/ the team was pretty sad.
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