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Friday Night Lights Rundown: Episode 9, "Confession"

Friday Night Lights Rundown: Episode 9, "Confession"

Friday Night Lights is one of the few, fortunate shows that has several more episodes stored up to get through the Hollywood writers' strike. Nonetheless, Friday night's episode felt like the end of a chapter. On the one hand, I'm glad to see some of these stories end; on the other, it felt like a little too much, too fast. To read my thoughts and add your own, just

I have to start with Landry, because his confession anchored the episode. Landry has always been at the moral heart of the show, and so it makes sense that once he'd admitted what he'd done, he'd want to be punished. As usual, Jesse Plemons sold every one of his scenes; I shudder to think how bad this story could have been with a less-capable actor. But the whole arc — from the confession itself, to telling Tyra what he'd done, to the decision not to press charges — felt way too neat to me. A cop's son — a Dillon Panther, no less! — confesses to murder, and the whole town isn't buzzing? That's tough to believe. Even tougher: that the police don't care that Landry dumped the body, nor that his father destroyed evidence. True, I would have hated to see Landry go to jail, but why take the show so far from its heart for a story with no consequences?

Speaking of the show's heart: we FNL fans like to crow that the show's not just about football, but I must say, the football parts of this season make no sense. Have the Panthers played a single game yet where they haven't been behind? And wouldn't Dillon be expecting more from its defending state champions?

I am still liking Santiago's development, however — even if his whole force-a-fumble, be-the-hero story was pretty much the Landry plot from episode five. He's so tough, but he's terrified; he's the kind of kid who's always given up, and now he's surrounded by people (Coach, Buddy) who won't let him. His scenes from the football game really got me into his head, as he got rattled again and again before learning how to respond.

My favorite subplot of the whole night, though, was Jason's blind date with the pee girl. Jason finally gets the nerve to date while in a wheelchair and ends up with a girl who gets turned on by golden showers? Some luck. I loved the waitress getting the full wrath of Ms, Kinky while Jason cowered behind the kitchen doors. One glaring inconsistency, though: His parents freak when he spends one night with a girl, but they don't care when he sneaks off to Mexico?

Some other thoughts:

  • Riggins' meth-making roommate creeped me out in this episode, and I'm hoping Riggins is out of there for good. The scene with Coach wordlessly handing Riggins a sleeping bag was one of those little moments this show does so well.
  • Matt and the nurse: still boring. Kinda cute — making mole, aww — but boring.

  • Tami and Julie ended up in a good place at Gracie's christening, but it sure took a lot of work (and some crafty playing-dad-against-mom antics) to get there. That "a thank-you would be nice" fight was such a classic mother-daughter moment, it gave me chills.

So, that's all our FNL till 2008. What are your hopes for the show in the New Year? Mine: less murder, more Smash, less Matt and Carlotta, more Landry and Tyra, and a decent helping of Taylor family drama every week.

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Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Great recap, Buzz. My FNL wish list for 2008 is quite similar to yours: More Landry and Tyra, less Matt and Carlotta, more on field drama, and definitely more Taylor family interactions.
emososays17 emososays17 9 years
I agree, I definitely want to see some more Landry/Tyra development. And I'm warming up to Riggins a lot now. And I know this is pretty old news but I didn't watch the show over the summer and I don't know how I feel about Lyla's newfound faith. Not that I mind that she's a devoted Christian I guess it just takes some getting used to. It does add an interesting moral aspect to the show.
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
I agree more Riggins! :drool:
blondie829 blondie829 9 years
As for 2008, I'm hoping for more team stuff, more Eric Taylor and Tami, Tyra and Landry trying to be friends, and more Lyla!
blondie829 blondie829 9 years
Definitely a good episode.
zzzlawyergirl zzzlawyergirl 9 years
More RIGGINS in 2008, please!
er593395 er593395 9 years
Ya I loved the episode too. Although as mush as I generally like all the characters little sublots I feel like the show lacks cohesion. I miss the interactions between the characters, it's like each one is kinda off in their own world(minus Landry and Tyra). I mean Matt and Landry were always together and now it seems like he hasnt noticed anything that has going on with Landry. That look Landry gave at the end definetly makes me think his guilt is going to completly change him. Almost like from now on hes going to try and punish himself with everything he does. I think the lack of cohesion of the show is reflected by the team. Last year it seemed like each player steeped up in the wake of either Jason or something personal. But now everyone is for themselves, I mean Matt and Smash's feud, Riggins jettin down to mexico... Also I think I might be alone on this but Im kinda on Julie's side this episode. I mean she has been a brat, but her family kinda abandoned her, and now she is expected to make all these outrageous sacrifices to be there all the time for them...i dunno im undecided.
nomerz nomerz 9 years
I dunno what I'm going to do until January, ha! I loved the Jason dating thing, but you're right there were a lot of inconsistancies in this episode. I guess I love the show so much that those things don't really bug me. I would've liked Landry to get some sort of punishment, even for his own sake because it seemed like that's what he was looking for by confessing. Matt/Carlotta - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz Riggins - hilarious, I hope he is done with the creepy roommate and live with Coach, at least tempoararily.
Liss1 Liss1 9 years
I loved this episode. I too was a little thrown off by the Landry situation. Yes it was technically self defense but they did dump the body. I agree his acting was very good, he wanted to be punished. I am happy Landry won't go to jail and i hope him and Tyra get back together. I am glad Tim got out of that house and went to stay with Coach Taylor. At the end when they showed the cops getting out of the car for a split second i wondered if he called the cops on his roomate. I thought it was good he played along and said that he was going to get some vodka and then just left. Poor Jason, the pee girl cracked me up, but i felt so bad for him. I am kind of starting to like Santiago, i was glad he tried to tell Buddy off, he's like Buddy's little puppet. I am happy they are trying to fix the whole Tammi/Julie problem it was getting kind of old. They were all really close and then all of the sudden she becomes a b*tch to her parents and cheats on Matt. Can't wait for the new episode's in January!
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