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"Friday Night Lights" Stars Reveal What's Next

Sure, the Panthers have won State, but that doesn't mean things are going to be easy in Dillon when "Friday Night Lights" starts again this fall. During and after their presentation at the TCA press tour, the cast and crew spilled some secrets about the show's upcoming second season premiere, which is scheduled for Oct. 5. If you don't want to know what happens with Coach Taylor's job, Tami's baby, or Matt and Julie's relationship, stop reading now. But if you want some delicious teasers for the stories coming up this season,

  • Tami Taylor gives birth in the first scene of the season premiere. That will bring Coach Taylor back to Dillon from Austin, where he's been coaching at TMU. The two of them will then have a multi-episode arc debating whether they should continue their long-distance relationship or whether being apart is the worst mistake they've ever made. Julie also struggles with the idea of not being an only child any more. "Julie goes through a lot of rebellion," Aimee Teegarden said, trying to get some attention back on her.
  • If Coach Taylor is in Austin, that means the Panthers must get a new coach. The role is currently being cast, but Scott Porter (Jason Street) described him as a three-time state championship winner from Tennessee.
  • Speaking of Jason, he's gotten his GED and is now a full-fledged assistant coach. That creates some tension between Jason and the rest of his former teammates as he struggles with whether to be their coach or their friend.
  • Jason will also regain the use of one of his hands, and that will lead him to think about walking again. He'll investigate experimental treatments and, in the process, he'll reconnect with Lyla and Riggins.
  • Matt and Julie are still together, but their relationship will become strained when Julie develops a crush on a guy who works at the local pool. Julie loves Matt, Teegarden said, but she also wants to know what else is out there. Zach Gilford, who plays Matt, said he's not surprised Julie will be the first to look elsewhere for romance. "I actually was always hoping that she would cheat on me," he said. "I just thought that was more realistic."
  • In the first episode, the guy who tried to rape Tyra returns to Dillon, and something will happen to draw her and Landry closer together.
  • We'll meet Landry's dad in the first episode, and — largely in an effort to impress his father, a former Panther — Landry will try out for the football team. "Landry's always been kind of anti all of that," actor Jesse Plemons said, but he's looking for a way to connect with his dad.
  • Matt will struggle with the new coach, who has a game plan of always running the ball. He starts to feel underused, Gilford said, and he's also missing Coach Taylor, who was really the reason Matt was able to hold things together last season.
  • One of the characters will find religion.
  • Several new characters will be introduced in addition to the new coach, executive producer Jason Katims said, including a Guatemalan woman who comes in to take care of Matt's grandma. In all, there will be "five or six pretty significant new recurring characters that we're going to meet," Katims said.


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