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Fringe Recap: Season One, Episode Five, "Power Hungry"

Fringe Rundown: Episode Five, "Power Hungry"

After a debate-related break, Fringe returned with an episode that falls somewhere between the first three installments and the especially eerie fourth episode. We're back to a mystery Walter can solve and a case with obvious implications — but there's enough creepy stuff going on with Olivia and Agent Scott, and enough hints about the greater story of the show, that it kept my interest. If nothing else, Fringe certainly seems to have its mood down pat. Want to talk about it? Just


  • One thing Fringe hasn't had for me so far is a lot of truly paranoia-inducing moments, so I was pleasantly surprised by how caught up I was in Olivia's flashlight-lit walk down the deserted hallway toward the elevator where John would ultimately appear. And by "pleasantly surprised," I mean I was excited even while holding my breath and trying to calm my shaking hands. I'm a wimp sometimes.
  • In fact, the scenes with Olivia and John were the most captivating overall for me in this episode. I still don't quite understand the mechanics of how he's appearing to her, but it's an utterly fascinating notion that his thoughts somehow remain tied into her brain. So far he seems to be trying to help — leading her to his files, telling her she's on the right path, etc. — but I'm still not convinced he's acting entirely on the side of good. And where is he now, anyway? Is he still hooked up to a bunch of nodules over at Massive Dynamic?
  • Meanwhile, I got surprisingly attached to our poor electrically charged experiment who just wants to listen to some REO Speedwagon and get the girl. Meegar actually reminded me of last week's walking-disaster Grey's Anatomy patient, except this time, he actually was a harbinger of doom.
  • Also, now we know that the scientists working on technologies popping up in The Pattern are wooing people to be experimented on through self-help seminars and other things advertised on late-night infomercials. That actually seems plausible these days.
  • On the "meh" side, this was yet another case that could be tied to — and solved directly by — Walter's old work. This time, all he needed was a cassette tape, a couple dozen pigeons, and GPS. (Wasn't it nice of the birds to more or less follow streets on their way to find Meegar?)
  • Amusingly, Fringe does seem to be making fun of its own predictability a little bit. A couple of examples from last night: Broyles saying "And I suppose the good doctor has a theory for how this is possible," and, later, having Walter proclaim "This is the sort of work I was born for!" to Peter's annoyance ("you were hoping for something more specific, maybe?").
  • Am I crazy, or was that The Observer we saw getting out of the elevator right before its calamitous collapse?
  • Always nice to have an appearance from Jean the cow, though her role in research seems greatly diminished.
  • My favorite Walter moment: watching him shuffle around his room, gathering up enough of a charge to shock Peter and then explaining it with a simple "wool socks."
  • I laughed out loud at Olivia's droll "Yup. That's me." So sue me, I like her!

What did you all think? Was anyone else a little wary of getting into an elevator this morning? And how insanely creepy/cool was that beating heart?

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