15 of Kristen Wiig's Funniest Onscreen Moments of All Time

Aug 22 2016 - 8:05pm

There's no denying that Kristen Wiig was one of Saturday Night Live's greatest players, and she's proven to be quite the character on the big screen as well. Through her funny roles in movies [1] like Bridesmaids and Zoolander 2, Kristen always knows how to make us laugh with just one look. In celebration of her birthday on Monday, see some of her best comedic moments below!

When She Shamelessly Flirts With Seth Meyers

When Her Humble Brag Is Far From Humble

When This One Scene Instantly Became Your New Go-To GIF For Everything

When She Perfectly Encompasses Your Lack of Social Plans

When You Wanted to Turn This Quote Into a Motivational Poster

When She Dresses Up as Daenerys and Inspires Your Next Halloween Costume

When She Is Your Spirit Animal For Awkward Situations

When She Totally Nails Adulthood in Four Simple Words

When Her Spot-On Taylor Swift Impression Made You Do a Spit Take

When She Literally Describes You on Christmas Morning

When She Perfectly Encompasses What It's Like to Give Up Sugar For Lent

When She Pulls This Move You Wanted Her to Perform at Your Cousin's Bar Mitzvah

When She and Fred Armisen Constantly Put All Your Friendships to Shame

When She's Completely Tipsy and Not Even Sorry About It

When Her Comedic Timing Is so Good, She Doesn't Even Need Words

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