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Game of Thrones First Season Fan Review

Buzz Blabber: Game of Thrones Wins a Following

You guys got chatty this week when it came to some topics you were passionate about. This week, that included the conclusion of one of TV's awesome new series, a cheesy trailer, and the eliminations of a certain dancing show.

Game of Thrones' first season gets your stamp of approval

  • "I'm definitely hooked, and no one is more surprised about that than me! I didn't even like LOTR (sorry, everyone, don't kill me) but as the season went on Game of Thrones just got better and better. During the last few episodes, I found myself thinking about the show almost nonstop, something I haven't done since Lost. Yay for good storytelling and a genre that feels totally new and different." — jadenirvana
  • "Next year can't come soon enough. Game of Thrones is probably the best thing on TV right now, too bad the season is so short. I can't wait to find out what happens now that Dany is the Dragon Queen and if Tyrion is gonna go to King's Landing and slap Joffrey upside the head a couple more times. Hooked, I tell yah!" — maiirs
  • "I am completely hooked; I already was in the first episode. And the development of the story lines just makes me even more interested in it. Think the cast is beyond fantastic and that it's a great hit that George R. R. Martin is a main part of the direction of the show, too. Now I am so excited about what's coming next season, and can't wait for more Joe Dempsie (Gendry)!" — pss

To see what else got you guys talking, just


So You Think You Can Dance fans disagree with this week's eliminations

  • "I completely disagreed with the judges. I would have kept the couple who they were initially going to save, Iveta and Nick. I also disagreed with their opinion regarding Wadi's solo, I thought it was great, and he did an amazing job. Ah, c'est la vie!" — Tari007
  • "I really wish they'd done a bottom-four couples to give more options for elimination. Nick got the boot far too soon. If they'd had one more couple in there I think he and Missy would have both been safe. Or if they'd made eliminations last week, the bottom three would have been completely different this time around. Having said that, there's no way they could let Ricky go after his solo. It was probably one of the best I've seen throughout the show's existence." — demarco11
  • "It's a shame that Iveta isn't on the show anymore. She's amazingly talented and she really showed us that she's great. I think that it's hard with her, though, since she's a world champion already, but I think that she should have stayed. You knew that the judges would keep Ryan, though — they have a special place in their hearts for her (right now at least)" — ilanac13

The Footloose trailer offers up some cheese

  • "I love the original — I don't think it needed a remake, and it really isn't relevant to today (I agree with what you say, no town now would ever have a ban on dancing)." — littlemunchkin
  • "It looks exactly identical to the original. Exactly. But insert hip-hop music for awesome. cheesy '80s music. Dang, Hollywood is lazy! Oh, but I am still totally going to go see it, which makes me very angry." — emilylastr
  • "I have not seen the original and I do not want to see this. It looks so cheesy, corny, and it would never happen today. But the dancing does look good." — Gdeeaz

Photo courtesy of HBO

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