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Buzz In: What TV Deaths Have Left You Speechless?

Just when I was starting to settle into a relaxing Summer with lighter TV fare, Game of Thrones went and dropped a bomb on me. I've been voraciously devouring HBO's newest series for the past few months, my fandom growing with each passing episode. Since I haven't read the book series, all of the happenings in Westeros are new to me, and naturally, my jaw hit the floor when leading man Ned Stark literally got the axe last night. Actor Sean Bean has been the face of Game of Thrones since its inception (and he just so happened to be one of my favorite characters to boot). Not only was the scene both poignant and heartbreaking to watch, but I didn't think there was any chance we'd see the show's central character make his exit in the show's first season.

Ned's tragic turn of events got me thinking about other major TV deaths over the years that shook me to my core. Say what you will about Charlie Pace, but I defy any Lost fan to say that his watery end didn't leave you with chills. Just a few months ago I couldn't believe my eyes when Bill Hendrickson lost his life in the final moments of Big Love, and I felt my heart drop when George flatlined on Grey's Anatomy.

Now it's your turn to weigh in! There has been many a shocking TV death over the years, but which character's demise has stuck with you?

Photo courtesy of HBO

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